Jonathan ‘Swift’ joins Doty, Kopidor, on Fox’s roster of fictional LA Kings (VIDEO)

Kings' goalie Jonathan Quick has had an incredible Stanley Cup Final. He's allowed just 2 goals. He stole Game 2, and he shut out the Devils in Game 3 to put the Kings one win away from their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. Should LA close out New Jersey on Wednesday night, Quick is a likely Conn Smythe winner.

Even more impressive, Quick is even beginning to get his due in Fox's "Coraline"-esque Other World, where "Brad Doty" and "Anje Kopidor" are the Kings' top names. Only there, in the parallel universe on the other side of the long, dark corridor, Jonathan Quick is Jonathan "Swift".

My favourite part is that the anchor says "Swift" exactly two seconds after her co-anchor makes a cute pun on "Quick", which she acknowledges. How does that happen?

I guarantee you she does the New York Times crossword every day. No one else is trained to generate synonyms from the recesses of their brain quite so quickly.

But seriously, the two words may be interchangeable on their own, but when preceded by "Jonathan", they definitely aren't. Here's a quick visual aide:

Anyway, this is good news for the Kings: up 3-0 in the Final, there's always a risk of slowing down. But when you're one win away from winning it all and the affiliates are still botching your names, it's hard to feel overconfident. Hubris averted.

s/t to Reddit.