Jonathan Quick offers in-depth, verbose analysis of Game 3 loss (OK, not really)

Jonathan Quick offers in-depth, verbose analysis of Game 3 loss (OK, not really)

Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick lost his first game since Game 3 against the San Jose Sharks on Thursday night, 3-2 to the Anaheim Ducks. It also broke a streak of five games in which the dominant netminder had given up two goals or less.

How did the Ducks finally break through? Quick offered an seemingly endless string of thoughts and analysis, dazzling the media with stats and anecdotes well into the night.

Just kidding, he said, like, three things:

In fairness to Quick, the interview was much longer than that. But not exactly that much more enlightening. Via LA Kings Insider:

Jonathan Quick, on the difference in the game:

Three goals, two goals. They scored three, we scored two.

Quick, on whether Anaheim “did anything differently”


Quick, on whether he felt any additional Anaheim presence around the net:

No, they did that one and two. No different than what they’re trying to do, what we’re trying to do, what every team in the league’s trying to do.

Quick, on what improvements need to be made:

Give up less goals.

Someone’s been hanging out with Darryl Sutter a little too much, based on the postgame comportment.

The media heard and appreciated this candid insight from a charismatic player, like Cam Cole of the Vancouver Sun:

I've pretty much decided to play out the remainder of my career without talking to Jonathan Quick. He'll be OK with this, I think.

— Cam Cole (@rcamcole) May 9, 2014

But who will tell him that the key for Game 4 is "give up less goals" if not Jonathan Quick?!