Jonathan Quick, Corey Crawford butt heads, have words in Game 6

Jonathan Quick wasn’t a happy camper at the end of the second period of Game 6 of the Western Conference final. 

Andrew Shaw, the Chicago Blackhawks' best net-crasher, tumbled over him in the final seconds while entangled with Jarrett Stoll. Ron Hextall might have left LA, but his spirit hasn’t left Quick’s body: The netminder got up and coming after Shaw, sparking a brief melee.

Then as Quick was leaving the ice … this happened.

Quick and his counterpart Corey Crawford had words.

As the brief tussle between the Kings and Hawks ended, Crawford skated to the LA blue line and waited for Quick to leave. He barked at the Kings goalie as he skated by, and then Quick butted masks with the Blackhawks goalie. Which may not seem like much except it pretty much never happens ever, let alone in a playoff game.

We echo the sentiments of the LA Kings’ Twitter feed:

For the record, we’d favor Quick in that fight. All that Sochi angst, channeled through his fists as he pounds a Canadian? Besides the fact that Quick’s shown us on several occasions that if the going gets tough, he’s more than willing to grab a pipe.

Too bad this didn’t happen last season. MY GAWD THAT’S RAY EMERY’S MUSIC!!!

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