John Tortorella’s high-school yearbook photo exposes love of SNL, bathroom brawls

High-school yearbook photos are, by design, super awkward. They capture the gawkiest phases of our lives, and offer a time capsule for whatever inane references or personal messages (K.I.T. T.T.Y.L. B.F.F.) seemed relevant to us at that moment.

Via Toucher and Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, here’s what New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella’s Concord-Carlisle High School yearbook photo looked like:

Wait, so no leather jacket or kicking a jukebox with Potsie and Richie? So confused …

So he went by “Tort” rather than “Torts” back then. And he wanted Dooley’s job (he got Renney’s job). And he enjoyed “Saturday Night Live”. And, apparently, bathroom brawls – wonder if they were staged? Also, WHERE IS MUSKY?!?!

WHDH 7 News explored John Tortorella: The High School Years. From WHDH:

Tortorella’s name is etched in a plaque in the high school’s hall of fame. Dick Kerr was a young teacher in 1976 when Tortorella graduated. His nickname was Tort and he was captain of the hockey team.

“He’s a spunky guy as we know…my understanding from the people that know him is that he’s always been like that. He’s a hard-nosed competitor,” said Kerr, the Concord-Carlisle High School lacrosse coach.

Meanwhile, we’ve also acquired this high-school yearbook photo of Claude Julien:

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