John Scott says he will play in NHL All-Star Game

John Scott says he will play in NHL All-Star Game

John Scott is going to the NHL All-Star Game in Nashville on Jan. 31 for his family.

The Arizona Coyotes enforcer who was picked by a groundswell fan movement wants to go to the game so his family can experience the fun of watching him play with the NHL’s best.

“That was a big reason why I do think I should go and want to go to participate in this, my family my kids I think, it’ll be a fun time to go out there and experience something I never would have dreamed of to experience,” Scott said. “It’ll be a fun time.”

The NHL announced captains for the All-Star Game on Saturday, and Scott was listed as the Pacific Division’s captain. Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was named the Central Division’s captain. Alexander Ovechkin was listed as the Metropolitan Division’s captain and Jaromir Jagr the Atlantic Division’s captain.

Voting started Dec. 1 and ended on New Year’s Day.

The NHL changed the All-Star format to 3-on-3 this year in order to add more excitement to the event.

Scott’s candidacy has been controversial in some corners of the hockey world. Scott has one assist in 11 games this year. He has just five goals in 285 games played and 542 penalty minutes.

“I’ve talked to a lot of guys in my position the last few weeks and it’s kind of nice, I’ve grinded out a career here, it’s not easy being the odd man out a lot, the odd man in, you never know where you stand or if you’re going to play or not, you get sent down, you’re forward, you’re defense it’s kind of one of those things,” Scott said. “It’s a grind. Just to get a little recognition, it’s fun …”

Kane indicated he wanted Scott to play in the game, and Scott was pleased the star winger approved of Scott’s selection.

“I like to hear that. I think it will be good for the game,” Scott said. “I know some people are a little nervous about me going, maybe not being able to handle the 3-on-3 and this and that but I’ll be fine. I’ll go out there and do my best and I’m glad Patty said that. I hope he goes too and I’ll look forward to playing against him.”

Jagr also approved of the Scott selection.

Earlier in the voting process the 43-year-old Jagr said he didn’t want to partake on the game because 3-on-3 would “kill me.”

Scott is a healthy scratch for Saturday’s game between the Arizona Coyotes and Edmonton Oilers.



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