John Scott’s hilarious (and fur-coated) cameos make Sabres interviews better (Video)

John Scott is a goofball. Make that a 6-foot-8 goofball that can pound your face into oatmeal with his fists. But a goofball nonetheless, as evidenced by his propensity for photo and "video-bombing" Buffalo Sabres teammates.

The latest and greatest victim? Rookie Chad Ruhwedel, who played his second NHL game on Sunday against the Tampa Bay Lightning. He was given the postgame interview treatment on MSG Network and … well, there was a John Scott cameo that has to be seen to be believed.

Not just John Scott dancing. Nope, it’s John Scott dancing shirtless in a Buffalo Sabres logo fur coat, looking a little Dan Harmon meets John C. Reiley.

As Die By The Blade writes:

“Ruhwedel is totally oblivious, and kudos to Brian Duff, ever the professional, who somehow manages to hold his reaction down to a smirk.”

Oh, but Scott's interview invasions don't end there.

Here’s Scott “getting lost” during an interview with Steve Ott back in March:

And here’s Scott popping up like a gopher behind defenseman Mark Pysyk:

So we’ve gone from “Kes-lurking” in Vancouver to Scott-Spotting in Buffalo. I think Scott wins on dexterity but Ryan Kesler might still win for overall creepiness.

s/t @hawknut