John Scott, NHL All-Star Game set ratings record for NBCSN

John Scott, NHL All-Star Game set ratings record for NBCSN

NASHVILLE – There was no doubt that the perfect storm of The John Scott Phenomenon and the NHL’s reinvigorated 3-on-3 All-Star Game format had provided an uptick in attention for the midseason classic.

The only question was if that would actually translate into a spike in viewership as well, or if the All-Star Game would remain something fans ignored on television.

We have the answer, and perhaps it’s that John Scott should be made permanent captain of the Pacific Division.

Sunday’s NHL All-Star Game in Nashville delivered a 1.17 overnight rating, which NBC reports is the best number on record for an All-Star Game on NBCSN.

That’s well above the projections for the event, which had the All-Star Game coming in at a 0.8 rating.

The ratings were up 24 percent over the 2015 edition from Columbus, considered the nadir of the All-Star Game. It delivered a 0.94 rating, and its overall viewership was down 14 percent from the previous edition in 2012.

Here is some additional All-Star Game ratings history for the U.S.

The top markets, according to NBCSN:

What, no Glendale?

Keep in mind the NHL All-Star Game was up against the Pro Bowl, which people inexplicably watch and did big ratings. Also keep in mind, within the U.S. sports pecking order, that the Pro Bowl fantasy draft beat an NHL regular season game in the ratings. Although it should be said that John Scott did not play in that game.

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