Johan Franzen buzzer-beater overturned after clock just expires (VIDEO)

The number of goals and non-goals coming with mere tenths of seconds remaining in games and periods this season has been crazy. From the coulombs controversy in Los Angeles that cost Columbus a point to the Blue Jackets almost getting burned again two weeks later at Madison Square Garden to Scott Hartnell ending Pittsburgh's 11-game winning streak with an overtime winner with 0.9 seconds left, it's been a season of last-second action, literally.

That was the case once again Sunday afternoon during Game 3 between the Nashville Predators and Detroit Red Wings. A few minutes after Pavel Datsyuk showed even more wizardry swiping the puck from Roman Josi behind the Nashville net and cutting the Predators lead to 2-1, Johan Franzen appeared to tie the game as time expired in the second period:

As you see in the screencap above, the puck was juuuust a bit too late entering the net. As we learned after the Los Angeles situation, the clock burned into NBC's or any broadcast's feed isn't the true one. The Toronto War Room has the official burn-in of the official clock and time.

At least this time it was an obvious example of the clock running out and we're spared another explanation of what exactly coulombs are and how they work.

The teams would exchange third period goals and in the end Nashville took a 2-1 series lead with a 3-2 win. The victory was their first ever in Detroit in the postseason.

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