Jimmy Fallon gets his wish, as sad Youppi tours Montreal in a Rangers jersey

Poor Youppi.

Youppi has been through a lot. He came from Major League Baseball, originally mascotting for the Montreal Expos before they moved to Washington and left him behind, like horrible families sometimes do to cats.

That's why his Montreal Canadiens' jersey is an exclamation mark instead of a number. He remains in a state of shock. He has abandonment issues.

Teamless, Youppi was eventually adopted by the Montreal Canadiens, who are generally good to him. But on Sunday, they were not, casting him out into the streets of Montreal in a Rangers jersey, as per a lost bet with Jimmy Fallon.

Going up against mascots in bets rarely works out, but the Canadiens should have known better than to go up against Fallon. He's the luckiest man in comedy. This is a guy who somehow managed to get to the top of the comedy world despite an inability to keep from breaking during sketches.

With the Canadiens losing their Eastern Conference Final series to Fallon's New York Rangers, they were forced to honour their side of a bet where the stakes were never even remotely even. If they had won, Fallon would have had to wear a Canadiens jersey during one monologue. But because they lost, the Canadiens have to change their Twitter avatar to a photo of Fallon's choosing -- he chose Henrik Lundqvist shredding in a Rangers jersey -- and tweet 10 pictures of Youppi walking around Montreal in enemy colours (which are the same colours, but in a different order).

On Sunday, the Canadiens honoured their bet. It was terrible and sad.

Youppi looks back at the Bell Centre as if to say, why would you do this to me?

Okay, this is killing him. And it's killing me too. Fallon, you're a monster.

Unsurprising that a mopey Youppi fell into a group of brooding youths. Misery loves company.

OH MY GOD NO. This photo, which is eerily similar of Zdeno Chara on the Rowdy Rooster, is the saddest photo ever taken.

Youppi, probably wishing he was the mascot for the Montreal Alouettes.

This is painful.

Why are you doing this to him, Montreal? WHY.


This is too much. This is too much.

Poor Youppi. He can't even enjoy himself on a mechanical bull. This bet has gone too far.