Jimmy Fallon presents NHL Playoff Awards, basically ruins Matt Niskanen for us


If we had a most improved player award to give, it would be bestowed upon Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

Last May, Fallon attempted an “NHL Awards” bit on his late night show and basically tripped over the pronunciation of every name. And while we’re still not sure how a guy who nails the Boston sports stereotype like Fallon has in the past ("NOOOOMAAAAAR!") gets “Zoo-Day-No” out of “Zdeno Chara” – unless that’s the joke – the 2014 awards are pretty good:

Poor Matt Niskanen. He’s never going to be able to walk into a pub again without someone making a darts joke.

For the record: Brad Marchand isn’t the pizza delivery guy in a 1980s movie about skiing. He’s the horny best friend who gets left naked on a ski lift by the daughter of the resort’s evil owner.

Overall, pretty good. And here we thought Duncan Keith was the only one who effectively mocks headshots in the Stanley Cup Playoffs …

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