Jimmy Fallon plays beer hockey with Drake on Late Night (Video)

Last month, the above photo of a modified air hockey table made the rounds online. Dubbed "alcohockey" by the Redditor that initially shared it, most who saw it agreed that it was, indeed, the best thing ever.

(I think most also agreed that this table was pretty much guaranteed to get you not just drunk, but, as they say on the Internets, #drunj. Alcohockey will destroy you. But I digress.)

Among those that were instantly enamoured with the table: Jimmy Fallon, who set to work actually building a table of his own. "We spent days making this," he said. "That's what we do here." Then, Fallon invited Drake, who, like most Canadians, is a fan of both hockey and beer, to test the thing out, and Drake accepted, because YOLO.

Shamefully, Drake got it handed to him, with three pucks landing in his beer for the loss. You have disappointed Canada, Aubrey.

Fallon was your big winner, but if you ask me, the real winner was the original Redditor, who has seen his dream come to fruition on Late Night.

Although one suspects he probably should have patented the thing before uploading it to Reddit, because someone is about to start making these tables for real and they're going to make money. This is what you get for drunk Redditing.