Jimmy Fallon does NHL awards bit, gets pretty much every name wrong (Video)

The NHL is on NBC. “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” is on NBC. You know what that means? Comedic synergy!

Here’s the future host of “The Tonight Show” handing out some NHL Awards on his Monday night program. Unless it’s part of the bit, Jimmy’s flimsy grasp on the NHL stars’ names would seem to indicate he was prepped by Los Angeles TV sports anchors. Watch and giggle:

UPDATE: NBC keeps removing videos from YouTube and Hulu, so fast forward to the 6:50 mark of this full episode to see the bit

A few things …

• Tuukka Rask as the love child of David Letterman and Dexter is pretty hilarious, and much more accurate than our “Jonathan Toews after hot with a waffle iron" take.

• The Kopitar/Frankenberry connection has been made for years by cereal consuming puckheads.

• Ryan Button’s inclusion really, really pushed the boundaries of this being “NHL" superlatives.

• Someone doesn't like his superlative:

• The subtle twisting of Robyn Regehr into “Robin Big-Ear” was the stuff of classic middle school trolling, sir.

The lack of Greg Zanon in this bit makes us believe that Jimmy’s writers didn’t get down to ‘Z’. Or that like the rest of the Northwest Division, they didn’t care about the Colorado Avalanche, either.

All that said: It’s great to have the NHL as comedic fodder on Jimmy’s show. Hopefully one day we’ll get Don Cherry slow-jamming the news or, at the very least, have the chance to see the 2013 Conn Smythe winner battle him in beer pong. And by that we mean Patrick Kane.