Jim Craig looking to sell 'Miracle on Ice' memorabilia, including gold medal, for $5.7M

Jim Craig looking to sell 'Miracle on Ice' memorabilia, including gold medal, for $5.7M

In the last several years, we’ve seen members of the “Miracle on Ice” Olympic hockey team sell memorabilia from the 1980 Games where Team USA defeated the Soviet Union and went on to win the gold medal. Ken Morrow, Mark Wells, Mark Pavelich, Mike Eruzione all had eyes on selling the items to help their families.

Now, it’s Jim Craig’s turn.

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The goaltender with the shamrocks on his mask is putting up 19 items for sale from the Lake Placid Games, including his gold medal, through Lelands, an auction house based on Long Island, New York.

Craig’s jerseys from the “Miracle on Ice” and gold medal games, along with his famous mask, the flag he draped over himself after the win and other items will be up for sale, not auction, beginning Saturday, Aug. 1, running through Nov. 1.

The asking price for the lot is $5.7 million.


"For the past 35 years, these items have been at the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Boston sports museum, the New York sports museum, and I think we've done a good job showing them because this moment was so big that I truly believe everyone was a part of it," Craig told Darren Rovell of "But after the 35th anniversary [this past February], and after our teammate Bobby Suter died, I thought it was important to be responsible with these pieces to grow and protect the legacy for my family.”

And like Pavelich, Craig had a fear that these precious items would be stolen.

Craig will be the third “Miracle” member to sell his gold medal from the 1980 Games. In 2010, the gold medal that once belonged to Mark Wells sold for $310,000 at auction. In May 2014, Pavelich’s gold medal was auctioned off for $262,9000.

Mike Eruzione, the captain of the team, sold his jersey and stick from the “Miracle” game at auction for $657,250 and $262,900, respectively, in 2013. Why wasn’t the gold medal included? "The gold medal will never be sold as long as I'm alive,” he said.

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