Jhonas Enroth plays in traffic, makes incredible save vs. Flyers (Video)

Puck Daddy

On Tuesday night in Buffalo, Claude Giroux of the Philadelphia Flyers was in a one-on-one battle with former teammate Ville Leino of the Sabres. Giroux went to his backhand and fired the puck on goal, and it deflected on its way to the crease.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Sabres goalie Jhonas Enroth was stuck in traffic. Like, rush hour traffic. Like he was barely visible when Giroux fired the puck.

And yet … Enroth made a lunging, awesome save with his blocker after losing his stick:

Wow. It’s these little Butterfly Effect moments that make hockey great. What if Giroux wasn't on his backhand? Does Enroth still make the save if the puck doesn’t deflect on its way in?

Good to see Ryan Miller hasn’t cornered the market on insane stops for Buffalo goalies.

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