JetBlue pilot asks if crying baby on flight is actually Sidney Crosby

After the Bruins’ 6-1 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Final, members of the Boston media boarded a flight back to Beantown on Tuesday morning.

Perhaps the pilot of this JetBlue knew they were there. Perhaps the pilot simply isn’t a Sidney Crosby fan. Whatever the case, a crying baby led to a predictable joke about the Penguins captain, as relayed by Joe Haggerty of CSN Boston and Dan Roche of WBZ:

At this point, it’s tough to keep track of the infantilism vs. the emasculation of Sidney Crosby: Crying baby on a JetBlue flight; Cosmo Photoshop on Twitter. It’s subtle, but we don’t think Boston appreciates the nuances of Sidney’s game.

Sigh ... with this kind of attitude in the skies, no wonder Penguins are flightless.