Jessica Redfield remembered; Shea Weber’s offer sheet gamble (Puck Headlines)

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• From reader Caroline: "I saw this on the road the other day. I hope that the 'Canuk' is a last name and not the Vancouver Canucks. Why the driver ever picked a Blackhawks license plate is beyond me."

• Moving stuff from The Goalie Guild on the death of Jessica Redfield in that Colorado movie theater shooting. "Even if you didn't know her, you might know someone like her, and those are the people you need to surround yourself with in today's world." [GG, strong language warning]

• Dater on Jessica's legacy: "I felt like a big brother to her. She was very smart and very funny. Just a nice person. She definitely would have made it in the sports media business." [Denver Post]

• Words escape me on what an honor it is for this stupid site to have meant this much to her. [Busted Coverage]

• The high-stakes gamble of the Shea Weber offer sheet: "One possible result of the Shea Weber drama would involve a deal between the Nashville Predators and Philadelphia Flyers, in which the Preds would agree not to match the offer sheet, in exchange for trading some of the draft picks coming over from Philly in exchange for roster players. It's a tricky situation, but not entirely unprecedented. Might it apply here?" [On The Forecheck]

• Is Shea Weber's offer sheet from the Philadelphia Flyers cap circumvention? [McSorley's Stick]

• Great Tom Benjamin piece on David Poile and Weber: "Poile does not have to worry about trying to sign Weber. He knows exactly what it will cost him to keep Weber over the long term — too much — and exactly what it will cost him to keep him for next year. Poile has to find an extra $6.5 MM in his budget to keep Weber for next year. (Last year Weber cost $7.5 MM. Next year he will get $14 MM.) That will not be easy, but it is surely doable even if it means cutting talent elsewhere and even if it means that the Preds ice a poorer team next year." [Canucks Corner]

• Why Pittsburgh Penguins fans should embrace Rob Zombie's "Broad Street Bullies" movie: "this outrage is possibly even more unfounded than our hatred of Marian Hossa." [Hollyburgh]

• Why no news is good news at the NHL/NHLPA labor talks. [Sporting News]

• Daniel Winnik signs a two-year deal with the Ducks. [LA Times]

• Great piece by Mirtle on why some NHL teams cry poverty. [Globe & Mail]

• Niagara Falls Reporter columnist Lenny Palumbo seems to really, really, really have issues with gays in hockey; the You Can Play folks strike back through Deadspin. [DS]

• Scott Gomez sinks a hole-in-one to win a $50,000 SUV at his own charity golf tournament, forever validating that he's a magnet for inexplicable financial windfalls achieved under unrepeatable conditions. []

• From Thursday: Brian Stubits takes on the anonymous Twitter rumormongers that are rotting your brain. [Eye On Hockey]

• The Florida Panthers acquired C Casey Wellman from the New York Rangers in exchange for Florida's fifth-round selection in the 2014. Said Dale Tallon: "Casey is a young, highly skilled forward who adds more depth to our team. He can play both center and right wing and we feel he has the ability to play in a top line role within our team. We look forward to his contributions to our club." [Panthers]

• Good piece by Adrian Dater on arbitration nightmares: "Horror stories from old arbitration cases remain cautionary tales for both teams and players, such as the time in 1997 when former New York Islanders GM Mike Milbury reportedly reduced Tommy Salo to tears with reasons why the goalie didn't deserve his asking price." [SI]

• The Toronto Maple Leafs sign Nikolai Kulemin, 26, to a two-year contract worth $2.6 million next season and $3 million in 2013-14. His salary was $2.2 million in 2011-12. [Globe & Mail]

• Shane Doan meeting with the New York Rangers? [Blueshirt Banter]

• Checking the field for Bobby Ryan. [Anaheim Ducks]

• Which NHL team has the worst CORSI? [TPSH]

• The Pittsburgh Penguins have named a new head physician. Because of Sidney Crosby? Said the Pens, it's "part of an overall restructuring of the Penguins' medical program -- a transition spurred by the recent announcement of the new UPMC performance training center and practice rink in Cranberry." [Post-Gazette]

• Ten NHL players looking to bounce back next season. Brad Richards? []

Finally, it's Cody Hodgson playing baseball. Or something like that.