Jessica Redfield memorial; 5 reasons for Preds to match Weber; Lundqvist to IMG (Puck Headlines)

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• OMG, the Memorial Cup! Fear not, fair citizens: "The Canadian Hockey League has stated the trophy that the Shawinigan Cataractes have been passing around this off-season is not the genuine article." [Buzzing The Net]

• Kevin Allen's "5 reasons the Nashville Predators must match the Philadelphia Flyers' offer sheet." Alas, not a single one is "Because Kevin Allen will loan them $110 million." [USA Today]

• General Manager Steve Tambellini announced today the Edmonton Oilers have signed right-winger Nail Yakupov to a three-year entry level contract. [Oilers]

• So, are the Oilers pretty much set now that they nailed down Nail? [Cult of Hockey]

• IMG Worldwide, the global sports, fashion and media company, announced today that it has signed the popular NHL New York Rangers All-Star goalie Henrik Lundqvist exclusively for representation in marketing, speaking and broadcasting. "He's a genuinely terrific human being whose interests from rock and roll to fashion and now fatherhood have made him popular in New York and around the world." Translation: Swooooooooonnnnn [Marketwire]

• Patrick Burke remembers Jessica (Redfield) Ghawi, the You Can Play assistant who died in the Colorado "Dark Knight" shootings. "To bring true sadness into the world takes big actions. It takes a man with a gun. It takes a fatal accident. It takes madness, hatred, or chaos. I am inviting, asking, begging all of you who love sports to recognize our ability to bring true happiness into the world through small actions. There is more than enough grief in the world that is uncontrollable. Now is the time for the sports world to come together and put an end to the suffering we do control." [You Can Play]

• "A memorial for Jessica Redfield is planned for the one place we saw her at her happiest: the ice rink. On Saturday, July 28, 2012, come down to The Edge Ice Arena in Littleton, CO, to remember Jessi, swap stories, and celebrate her life." [MHH]

• Darryl Sutter gets evaluated by LA Kings Insider. "It's tough to nit-pick a coach who came in mid-season and won the Stanley Cup. The only question is, will the bloom come off the rose at some point?" [LA Kings Insider]

• Kaspars Daugavins avoids arbitration with a one-year, one-way deal worth $635,000. [QMI]

• Former Washington Capitals assistant coach, under Ron Wilson, Tim Hunter is now a current Washington Capitals assistant coach under Adam Oates. [Capitals]

• Ellen Etchingham on Alex Semin: "I suspect a lot of hockey players- especially the borderline ones, especially those whose advancement was never certain- learn the importance of performing effort early and never give it up, until it becomes nearly as real as real effort, a Pavlovian response, like a model's smile. The guys on the borderline know that the little gestures of being out early for warm ups, of hustling extra hard on the backcheck, of saying all the right things about team-first and 110% can add up to the difference between another year in the NHL and an early retirement. For them, the performance is mandatory, and being mandatory, eventually becomes automatic. Covering their doubts, swallowing their frustrations, and suppressing their egos are part of the skill set, and eventually, it doesn't matter whether they really feel it or not, only that they're willing to act like they feel it constantly." [Backhand Shelf]

• Hey if the Toronto Maple Leafs need a center, what about the Kadri fellow? [PPP]

• Tyler Dellow on Theo Peckham: "It wouldn't surprise me if Peckham did catch hell in the dressing room between periods — taking a stupid looking penalty that results in a goal right before the end of the period is probably an excellent way to get screamed at by an NHL coach. I kind of think Peckham's got bigger problems when it comes to being an NHL defenceman than this though: he just flat out takes a ton of penalties." [mc79hockey]

• Fan's-eye view of the Blackhawks Convention. [Second City Hockey]

• The Muskegon Lumberjacks have a new logo. "The saw blade design received such an overwhelmingly positive response when it was introduced as our secondary logo last season that we felt it had to become part of our primary mark." [USHL]

• Finally, we're having some video issues today. In lieu of video is this Yahoo! UK wall art. ANARCH(Y!)

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