Jersey Fouls: Ultimate Penguins’ anti-Flyers sweater; Jets Fouls; Sidney Crosby soccer kit

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

The Philadelphia Flyers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins rivalry has inspired its share of hockey trolling fashion.

But this Foul is on another level.

From Kristin (a.k.a. ‘Ice Queen’) and her husband Ian:

The lady was quite happy to pose for a picture for me. This is her "anti-Flyers" jersey. The Penguins logos "X-ing" out the Flyers logo prove it, as if the back isn't enough.

Weird: We wouldn't have picked up on the 'X' over the Flyers logo. But indeed, it's like some kind of hockey chirping crop circle.

A quick message to the Flyers fans in our readership: This looks like a nice lady. A grandmotherly or Great Aunt-ly lady. Someone who always carries aspirin in her purse. Someone who probably owns at least four or five Christmas sweaters.

We just wanted to establish the above as a disclaimer of sorts when the comments section, ahem, examines the virtues of this Jersey Foul.

(Coming Up: Sidney Crosby soccer kit; Winnipeg Jets Fouls; hip-hop Setoguchi; Auburn Foul; a Backstrom mash-up; and a Montreal Ass.)

And here … we … go.

Via Rob Riches, a Montreal Canadiens Foul:

Spotted this following the Flyers/Habs tilt. Guy has a Habs sweater with "RESEARCH ASS 28" on the back...

First off: Epic tribute to Kyle Chipchura.

Second, there’s a proud tradition of “assistant” being shortened to “ass” in hockey, as Frank Selke was “ASS MAN” on the Stanley Cup in 1945.

We’ll just go ahead and assume this is a tribute to that. Yep. That’s it.

We’ve had more than a few Fouls since the NHL returned to Winnipeg. Here’s one from Bryan Korczyk, from the Jets’ visit to the Nashville Predators that had former Atlanta Thrashers fans chucking jerseys on the ice in protest:

Yep, that's a Winnipeg Jets logo pasted over the Thrashers logo.

Coming from a former Thrashers fan who was at the game last night (and enjoyed seeing our jerseys on the ice, despite not throwing mine away), this one certainly should have been the first to hit the ice.

Great to see a Jets fan acknowledge the rich history of the Thrashers. We eagerly await Patrik Stefan Night at MTS.

Meanwhile …

Ben writes in with these Winnipeg Jets Fouls:

I saw this guy from far away (even from two sections over it was easy to see his jersey is a fake) and was hoping to bump get a picture in the concourse; lo and behold, I walked by the washroom lineup during a TV timeout and there he was. The baby blue on this jersey is just ridiculous. Look at the colours on this phony compared to, uh, Rod's.

I thought his jersey was bad until I saw the Jets 1.0 jersey with Burmistrov's name on the back. Randy Carlyle is unemployed and may be out for blood if he sees this travesty. There are no words. The jersey foul is alive and well in Winnipeg.

And they’re buying a lot of jerseys up there. Feed. Us. MORE.

Via Shane, an NCAA football Foul on a Florida Panthers’ sweater:

My family traveled to Florida for Thanksgiving last month and my Brother-in-law and I decided to take in a Panthers-Rangers game (the tickets were cheaper and much easier to get than they are at Verizon Center these days). In the concourse we spotted the attached jersey foul. A Panthers jersey with "Wareagle" and the number 11.

We can only assume the wearer is an Auburn fan and the jersey celebrates Auburn's college football championship from last January? What does Auburn have to do with South Florida hockey? We also wondered who she got to sign the jersey, are they from Panthers players or Auburn athletes?

Based on the Eagle reference, it’s gotta be this guy, right?

Michael from Edmonton offers this tribute to Ryan Smyth:

Here is a potential jersey foul for you. No question who this jersey represents. I think I was the only guy in Edmonton who was still bitter towards Smytty about the way he left town (my feeling was if he was do heartbroken he could have taken a minor, minor pay cut) but he has completely won me over. He is more than re-energized, he's a younger man! Good for him.

So is this a foul or not? I look forward to seeing next time you post JFs.

The morose face over this guy's left shoulder is Al Stafford, the Oilers in-house announcer (the Oil just lost to the Flames.)

Of course it’s a Foul, although in the Tribute Jersey genre. But points for not going with the Captain Canada cliché.

From Doug Matties, a rather strange Foul that marries Nicklas Backstrom with Niklas Backstrom:

Spotted this in the Metro after the Caps/Wild game. Not the same person, not the same team, not the same position.

Foul. And it's a T-shirt to boot.

At the very least, we hope he has a ‘C’ on the front of it, for first names' sake.

The hell? From Gundee1114:

I was starting to think I'd never see a Jersey Foul in person, when out of the blue one of my friends sends me a picture of his customized Devin Setoguchi "Guchi Mane" Minnesota Wild jersey. This is clearly a Foul, and the first thought to enter my head was to send it in to you.

Glad you did. We’ve been waiting years for someone to finally mash-up the Minnesota Wild with the Dirty South.

And finally:

Via David Sarch:

While attending the Devils-Penguins game on March 17th, I decided to get a few drinks before.  It was a great decision because the game was a complete stinker for the Devils but I also got a picture of this potential foul.

Why is this potential? Well, it's on a soccer jersey, or as they would say in England - "a football kit".  Yes, that is Crosby 87 printed on the back of a Westbromwich Albion away kit of the English Premier League.

So is this a Foul?


Again: NHL players on the backs of baseball or football or soccer jerseys is a punk rock move of viral puck infiltration.

But reversing that move and placing, say, Tim Tebow on the back of a New York Rangers jersey? You guessed it: Punishable by death.