Jersey Fouls of the Week: Dales and Gronks and Canucks

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Photo via Nick Sero
Photo via Nick Sero

Sometimes you just have a week when you find jersey fouls with a totally random theme from another sport. And by sometimes I mean, basically never.

But we did over the past seven days, oh boy did we ever.

So when you think of fanbases that happen to be NASCAR groupies, what comes first to mind? Nashville? Carolina? Dallas? Maybe Tampa to some degree? How about the Chicago Blackhawks

They love them some Dale and Dale Jr. apparently. I guess hockey and NASCAR fans both enjoy violence and crashes? Who knows. Maybe this more shows that NASCAR’s redneck culture has breached the Windy City?

From Chicago to Calgary and Washington (above … who owns a Gronk, Caps Winter Classic jersey? Really? Spend the money on the real Gronk, New England Patriots uniform) we had some good finds. 

If you want to submit, make sure to email us at or tweet to the hashtag #jerseyfoul. We’ll pick them up, and try to make sure to give credit where credit is due. We’ll throw them up on our Tumblr page!

Here they are!

3. Can you spell 'Canucks' please?

Jersey Foul
Jersey Foul

Double-foul for this jersey. For one, you can spell “Canucks Suck” and not resort to going cheap on the letters. This looks like a messed up vanity license plate. Also, in my detailed research of the 2003 postseason and the year 2003, there was really nothing that stood out for the Flames or their fans that would make them hate Vancouver more. (S/t @croatis)

2. Dale

Jersey Foul
Jersey Foul

Looks at sky like Pedro Martinez when saying this holy name. But as we noted on the Tumblr page, the light blue jeans and white New Balance sneakers don’t go with Dale’s persona. Black pants? Black cowboy boots? We’ve had this in the archives, but it works well with the top post of the week, so why not bring it back for an encore. Throw back Friday?

1.    Dale Jr.

Jersey Foul
Jersey Foul

Great way to ruin a Patrick Kane jersey. Or make it … awesome. In fairness, this foul could have come before Kane became an All-Star. Dale Jr. moved to Hendrick Motorsports and took over the No. 88 around the time of Kane’s rookie year. Maybe he is the son of the above Dale though the larger bald spot would indicate otherwise. (S/t Ed Henning via email) 

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