Jersey Fouls: Koval-suck; Blackhawks’ 17 seconds; sinking in the Shark Tank

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

When the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup with two goals in 17 seconds at the Boston Bruins, it sparked a cottage industry of “17 Seconds” gear.

There are T-shirts for sale. We’ve seen many personalized jerseys commemorating the event.

But this … this one is on another level.

The Blackhawks jersey, snapped by Jason Butler, is on another level as far as Commemoration Jerseys go.

Not only is it a “17 Seconds” jersey, but it features Cup-winning scorer Dave Bolland battling Andrew Ference and Tuukka Rask of the Bruins in a recreation of that historic tally. It’s like a walking mural dedicated to Blackhawks glory, only without the pig nose.

It’s a heck of a piece of hockey art, even if it’s a total Foul.

If nothing else, we imagine it’s another thing from the 2013 playoffs that Gregory Campbell would refuse to sign.

Coming up, more Blackhawks Fouls, a dirty Duck, some Devilish sweaters and other offenses to humanity.

And here … we … go.

Via Veronica Hernandez comes this clever commentary on the Los Angeles Kings/Sacramento Kings juxtaposition that seems to vex the local media in LA. Now, we all wait to see a Sacramento jersey with Brad Doty on the … oh, right, we’ve already seen it.

Blackhawks Zone sends in this Foul from the Windy City and a sweater only Snooki could love. Obviously not a Foul if it’s a Fernando Pisani jersey, however.

According to Mariah C.,

this nameplate reads “V For VIKTOR”, which is either a whimsical lesson involving the alphabet or a rather salacious come-on. We’ll always assume the latter, of course.

Doug Hoekstra sends in this double-team effort, explaining what the Philadelphia Flyers do if the Rangers suck. The ‘88’ we’re guessing is a reference to Eric Lindros. Guess you pretty much have to have your “SWALLOW” buddy with you, lest you parade around the Rock with a “FLYERS” NJD jersey, which is dumb.

From @Hockeychick107 comes this Nashville Predators Foul. Admittedly, we had to look up “JoJo the Bunny,” which appears to be some type of toy for preschoolers. Is this a reference to Sidney Crosby we’re not getting?

Reader Ike Kim spotted this last season:

From the mecca of Jersey Fouls (Shark Tank in San Jose). There's a thousand uses for duct tape. This is not one of them. You take the jersey of a five time All-Star, and do this to it? For a rookie who's scored all of 4 points? SMH! But it gets better. This is a grown man, wearing a kids Shark head gear even!

OK, that last part, we can’t defend. But again, there’s no problem with someone taking duct tape and creating another nameplate with it. This is a staple of Protest Jerseys … even if this one seems to be a bit more about being too lazy/cash poor to buy a new sweater.

Meanwhile …

And so do our eyes now. (via Corey Kindness)

From reader John Gannon:

I can appreciate the rivalry between the Hawks and Wings with it being our 800th meeting and Game 1 of the conference semifinals. I have no love for the Wings, but I had to do a double take when I saw this guy doing his best Pocahantas impression. It was no easy task trying to take a photo as I moved through the 100 level concourse during a sellout using a cellphone without getting caught.

While Detroit may suck, I did feel that this was worthy of inclusion in jersey fouls and would not let the crowd or a moving target deter me from snapping a photo. Thanks.

Well, at least Daniel Snyder’s off the hook for the time being.

Finally, from Jersey:

Sergei Miledin sends in two of what we imagine are a multitude of anti-Ilya Kovalchuk jerseys from the New Jersey Devils’ new season.

Hell hath no fury like a Devils fan scorned.