Jersey Fouls: Getting to bottom of Penguins foul; Sabres, Oilers nickname follies; Ovechkin army

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

When Jersey Fouls blogfather Seth Rorabaugh first published the Bill of Rights in 2008, one of his primary pet peeves was the way hoodies covered the nameplates on jerseys:

"Granted, hockey is a sport which is primarily played during winter months so you need to dress accordingly, but if you have a Kevin Stevens jersey, show it off. Don't hide his name"

We thought of Seth when reader Heath Condiotte sent us the image above, which obviously isn't a Jersey Foul but a distant cousin: The Pants Foul.

In a sport that's all about the logo on the front and not the name on the back, how does one approach the logo on the ass? (Answer: Very cautiously, for fear of a restraining order.)

To the surprise of no one, these jeans are a spawn of Alyssa Milano's Touch series of officially licensed NHL products. The pitch:

"Want everyone to know what your favorite team is while out on the town? In these Pittsburgh Penguins denim jeans from Touch by Alyssa Milano, everyone will know."

" … provided they're walking behind you."

So … PASS or FAIL on the logo pants? Based on today's Pants Foul model, we're going to go ahead and wager a few of the gentlemen in the comments will be forgiving of a squashed Penguin.

(Coming Up: Cup snark in San Jose, Toronto; nickname fouls in Buffalo, Edmonton more Sidney Crosby snark from Washington; camouflage Ovie; and a Jedi-related Kings foul.)

And here … we … go.

OK, this dude is wearing a rather hilarious Mockery Jersey that targets the San Jose Sharks. He's always wearing an Anaheim Ducks hat. Our only hope is that he's gone all the way and defaced the sweater logo in some way to exemplify its satire.

Unless, of course, he's just a really, really self-loathing Sharks fan. Or, judging by the beard, a roadie for Band of Horses.

While it's odd to find cynicism in Toronto about the Leafs, apparently it does exist. Don't worry, friend: Ownership by Rogers and Bell is a path to Stanley! (via Crystal)

Your basic Editing Foul on a Henrik Lundqvist All-Star jersey. Bet is looks Qreat when they're wearing it in Gueens, NY. (Via Adam Heineman)

Nickname Jerseys … sigh.

We're still trying to figure out the legality of these creations. Our only strict law against them is use of a proper, validated nickname. Hence, RNH and/or "The Nuge" get a PASS on the right. (Image by 'teeps14'.)

Alas, our friend on the left has "Pomms" for Jason Pomminville of the Buffalo Sabres when the preferred nomenclature is "Pommer." Thus, FAIL.

Nice hat though.

Via Lauren,

we saw this Philadelphia Flyers fan at the Winter Classic as well. While we agree with the sentiment, somewhere John LeClair weeps.

While some members of the Puck Daddy staff may or may not own a Star Wars-themed bathroom, the Force is not with this Los Angeles Kings jersey, despite the fact that Jonathan Quick is a Jedi. (Via Dani Vandermade)

Just a terrible J-Foul from the Ottawa Senators' game against the Pittsburgh Penguins recently.

We've seen who wears No. 11. He's not going to be falling over in a drunken stupor with Snooki down at Seaside Heights any time soon. (Via Douglas Peterson)

It's been a while since we saw some Sidney Crosby love from the Jersey Fouls capital of the East. Here's a spiffy new Washington Capitals Winter Classic sweater, via Joshua Neiswender.

This Foul was from last night's Montreal Canadiens game at the Boston Bruins.

And here we thought Cammalleri left in a cab … (via Joe Parisi.)

And finally …

This is just loads of FAIL. From Puck Buddy Ben:

Jersey foul from the caps-flames game last week. This turdburglar sitting in front of me had a cornucopia of fouls.:

1. The cammo jersey. I don't care if the caps sell them, its a foul.

2. The stupid hoodie.

3. Nickname instead of name.

4. The asshat misspelled "ovie" as "ovey." Come on, even bandwagon caps fans can get that right!

Love the blog. Devils suck.

Everything this guy said is true.

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