Jersey Fouls: Gary Bettman protest; Nashville fouls; Zamboni Princess

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

We expected to see much more lockout protest gear during the early part of the season. This one from long-time reader Susan on Opening Night was one of the few spotted:

Tonight's Jersey Foul comes from the Tampa Bay Lightning-Washington Capitals game. This gentleman is a long time season ticket holder for the Lightning (he normally wears a Ryan Malone jersey). He came to the game jerseyless then emerged making his own personal statement.

It’s subtle, but we’re fairly certain he’s not a fan of the commissioner.

That said, where's the balance? Did he wear a [Expletive] Fehr jersey for the second period?

Coming up: Nashville Fouls; a Zamboni Princess; Evgeni Malkin Foul; a holy appropriate Blue Jackets Foul; AHL Outdoor Classic Foul; and a guest appearance by Hologram Bill Masterton.

And here … we … go.

Via the DC Sports Bog, here’s a Washington Capitals fan whose Mike Ribeiro jersey was misspelled by the hockey gear store. Well, that’s assuming he actually wanted it to read “Diver” or “Whiner.”

From John Muir on this AHL Outdoor Classic jersey:

First, it’s [expletive] cold. But that didn't stop this guy from being dumb. Its a Hershey Bears Chris Bourque jersey, proper #17, but he decided to do two things:

1. Be unoriginal. "-y/-ie"? Lame.

2. He disgraced the Bourque name.

Awesome event but [EXPLETIVE] COLD.

Sounds like the weather put someone in a Foul mood.

Nick Case spotted this Pittsburgh Penguins Foul, which is a pretty straightforward one that’s made more complicated by the existence of another past (and future?) Hart Trophy winner on the roster. We’d hate to see any crap go down between her and that girl rocking the No. 87 “MVP” jersey.

Via Andy Strickland comes this Colorado Avalanche Foul that manages to besmirch the good sweater of Patrick Roy. There has to be a 12-step program for this, no?

Fun catch from Rick Lesniak, who spotted this Buffalo Sabres Jersey Foul and realized it was a Max Afinogenov sweater reduced to “NO NO.”

An enigmatic foul that you’ll never find in the corners, obviously.

Via Jim Schaff, a Foul ice resurfacing:

So, sitting between periods at a Sharks game down in San Jose, and I see a woman getting a ride on the Zamboni and she's throwing out the "princess wave," which I immediately pointed out to my companion at the game. Then, what do I see as the machine makes the turn?

Oh... my... god... ultimate irony (or is it coincidence? Not sure on this one).

It's not irony or coincidence. It's royalty, sir.

On of two from the Nashville Predators. Take it away, J.R. Lind:

Spotted at Preds-Blues game. Even if her last name is Kesler, why use Ryan's number, especially after he ruined Nashville in the 2011 playoffs?

An excellent question, and one that we imagine will be answered with catcalls of “TRAITOR!” from the Smashville masses.

This Shea Weber tribute jersey is in honor of the Predator captain’s edgy play at times, like when he introduced Henrik Zetterberg to the glass last postseason. Completely unnecessary and not an official nickname, but nonetheless accurate.

Lady, you’re preaching to the choir about the Columbus Blue Jackets.

(Although if this is somehow related to Steve Mason, one must never pray to false idols.)

And finally …

Gray Wilcox has the floor …

Masterton never played in the Stars' Mooterus sweater. Nor would he approve of this abomination of a design.