Jersey Fouls Extra: Ron MacLean and a Hockey Day in Canada foul

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It’s Hockey Day In Canada (but then again, what day isn’t) on Saturday, which means CBC heads to some appreciative town in the Great White North. All the locals flock to local ponds for a few minutes of airtime, before retiring back to their homes for a mid-morning beer. It’s all very quaint.

Lloydminster, Alberta, is located right on the Saskatchewan border, and was this year’s victim. To celebrate the occasion, Ron MacLean of CBC sported this glorious Foul in which they mashed up an Edmonton Oilers sweater with that of the Saskachewan Roughriders of the CFL, previous made famous by Snoop Dogg.

Oh, it gets better: MacLean later wore a Flames hat with this ensemble!

Patrick LaForge, CEO of the Oilers, also sported this Frankenjersey in honor of HNICHDIC:

So we have two teams surgically combined, from two different sports that play in two different cities.

Jersey Foul Day in Canada is heretofore known as Jan. 18.

s/t TP_CBCSports

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