Jersey Fouls Extra: Capitals fans and their love of Semin

The Verizon Center is commonly known as the east coast epicenter for Jersey Fouls. Based on the entries we've received over the years, there are two players most represented on Capitals Jersey Fouls are Sidney Crosby (sadly) and Alex Semin.

Caps fans are, above all else, Semin lovers, as you can see from this sweater at Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals. (Thanks to reader Betsy Philpott for the image.)

There may be no topping this Alex Semin jersey by Jersey Foul standards. Even this classic comes up short.

Again, the arena is full of Semin Fouls. Example: What more impressive tribute is there for a professional athlete than a fan wearing your number and simply running this as the nameplate?

This one's from earlier in the season, but has been seen plenty at Verizon Center. Via reader Jeremy Kanter:

Not totally outrageous, but I think it gets bonus points for being extra creepy (Semin's name replaced with "Sexy," worn by a woman somewhat older than Semin). And the best part is that it's signed by Alex, so not only is this lady weird enough to wear a #28 "Sexy" jersey in public, but Semin must know she's out there, flaunting this awkward jersey by day and fantasizing about him by night.

The Capitals and Tampa Bay Lightning play in Game 2 of the semifinals tonight. Semin has a load of goals against the Bolts this season — eight in total, including one in Game 1.

Tampa simply must do a better job holding back Semin.

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