Jersey Fouls: Canucks embarrassments; Lithuanian love machine; Lucha Lucic

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

Well, it’s been that kind of season for the Vancouver Canucks, hasn’t it?

From reader Paul Nielson:

Saw this one at the Canucks vs. Wild game. Definitely a foul, but a damn funny and appropriate one considering the city's fickle fanbase and history as a goalie graveyard.

Just wait until the playoffs; he might need to order out for more fabric.

This, by the way, is also a perfect representation of Mike Gillis’s cocktail napkin as he attempts to figure out what to do at the trade deadline.

And here … we … go.

This is … well, a Boston Bruins sweater. In every sense of the word.

From David Jorgenson:

Not sure what to say about this one, I took this pic in the beer line at a Sabres/Bruins game. The jersey is knit. Out of yarn.

A lot of yarn, apparently. This cuddly creation is actually not a Foul, per se, because it’s not besmirching an actual jersey. It’s an original creation, much like the infamous chain mail jersey that San Jose Sharks fan created.

This is the D.I.Y. Non-Jersey Foul exception, and shall be applied here.

Reader Andrew Allen is rather perplexed buy this Colorado Avalanche jersey:

I saw this jersey on ebay. I thought it was an Adam Foote jersey, then I clicked the second photo. I guess they didn't think having Foote's name on the jersey was awesome enough.

Clearly not, although having Adam Foote’s name on your jersey obviously implies awesome. (Not applicable to Columbus, Ohio, and parts of Quebec City.)

Not sure what the auction price for this jersey was, but we imagine it was more than the nameplate cost, what with the missing ‘E’ and ‘O’ and other ‘E’.

Is this an S.O.S. from a vexed Alex Ovechkin fan?

From reader Arian (@afgbruins21):

Spotted this upside down and backwards nameplate on an Ovechkin jersey at Verizon for Caps/Panthers. Maybe he made it himself and something went wrong? Who knows what he was trying to accomplish here.

This is an interesting theory. It is possible this was sown on while looking into a mirror, and because he’s No. 8 he didn’t notice it was backwards?

Fun fact: Vladislav Tretiak never played for the Montreal Canadiens. Nor did he play in the NHL. In fact, one might say putting this Soviet icon’s name on a Canadiens jerseys is an affront to Canada; like putting Paul Henderson’s name on a CCCP jersey. (Via reader Tom Dagger.)

Now, this is a tricky Foul from VancouverBob, who writes “he was getting compliments from a few Canuck fans.”

This actually has Kevin Bieksa’s name on the jersey, although it does add a few letters to spell out “Bieksallent.”

Is it a comment on KB’s play for Vancouver, or a clarion call for all of us to “Bieksallent to each other” as “Bill and Ted” taught us so many years ago?

This is from Keith Hagel, and it’s a big steaming pile of ‘WTF?!’

It would appear to be a Chicago Blackhawks logo on a classic Vancouver Canucks-style sweater. Perhaps it’s part of some voodoo ritual to exorcize the Canucks’ playoff demons against the Hawks. Or perhaps someone is wickedly color blind and didn’t realize that they’ve ruined one of the greatest NHL sweaters of all-time.

(Hint: Not the Canucks’.)

From Sam Ober:

I went to the Jets at Lightning game on Thursday night and came across a number of fouls. (I know the Lightning give personalized jerseys to season-ticket holders but it amazes me what some people choose when they could just go with their favorite player.)

The first one is a couple, he wore a #19 jersey with "KOON DOG" written on it and she had #91 with "BIG C."

We’re getting three or four Lightning jerseys every week because of this season-ticket promotion. Honestly, we’re at a loss as to how to deal with all of them, because technically they’re issued by the team, and hence not a Foul by the letter of our law.

Then again: [Expletive] our law. The Lightning encouraged a “Koon Dog” jersey.

Foul, Foul Foulity Foul Foul Foul.

Via Andy Stuart, here is a Milan Lucic jersey in the style of a Mexican luchador, complete with mask.

This is fantastic because (a) it totally hides Milan’s identity when he runs over opposing goalies and (b) it can be recycled for a Count Lucula costume next October.

And finally …

Yes, it’s a tribune to Dainius Zubrus of the New Jersey Devils.

'Who was born in Elektrenai, Lithuania.

And, evidently, is a Love Machine.

(Via Venyadosaeee)

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