Jersey Fouls: Canadiens confusion, Flyer tributes, dirty Oil

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installments.

The Jersey Foul above was spotted in Montreal by Trevor Garner, and we're still not sure what kind of Tomas Plekanec tribute this Montreal Canadiens fan was going for here.

What would Plekasex feel like, exactly?

We imagine it's fundamentally sound, consistent but never overwhelming, and leaves both parties feeling as if the whole thing wasn't worth the price of dinner and movie. Until they roll over, see a photo of Scott Gomez on the dresser, and suddenly find the evening  both frugal and satisfying.

Meanwhile, as the Vancouver Canucks' Cup run continues in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, this Foul sent in by Roper really pushes the while "Canada's team" thing to its breaking point.

From Roper:

My friend flew to Nashville for Game 3 of the series Van-Nash series and came back with this picture. I'm not sure which team this jersey slights more — the Habs or Canucks.

First off, we had no idea that either Iron Chef Michael Symon or the Ghost of Telly Savalas was such a huge hockey fan …

But seriously: The Borg-like assimilation of the Montreal logo by the blue and green is kind of cool. If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, fans of the other five Canadian franchises (hell, by the time you read this, they'll have probably Made It Seven) should be forced to wear sweaters like this to opening night in honor of the franchise that brought the Holy Grail back to Canada.

And also because a Leafs jersey in these colors would be a hell of a sight for their general manager.

(Coming Up: Flyers fans Gagne tribute; Capitals Combo Jersey Foul; Canucks Kesler goof; Kings jumble and Cup fever; hating the Devils and the Islanders on the same sweater; Pronger Pass; and a really, really strange U.S. national team fail.)

And here  … we … go.

We've been to Vancouver. It's a city with camaraderie. It's a city of cool folks. So what did this cat do to go through life without anyone telling him that Ryan Kesler's name is spelled incorrectly on his sweater? (Via Kaylee Price).

From the East Coast epicenter of Jersey Fouls comes this Combo Jersey from @ahwahoo2006 that pays homage to Karl Alzner and John Carlson as the future of the Washington Capitals blue line.

It's not the worst idea in the world, if a little clunky with the execution. What say you: Pass or Fail?

We'll let Derek Kessinger explain this Colorado Avalanche Foul:

Not only is it an Elway Jersey, but the Avalanche have never worn those colors. The  worst part is that his girlfriend is the one in the Sakic  Nordiques Jersey.

Any ideas where this Colorado sweater comes from? And is it a Foul to wear a Nords Jersey to an Avs game?

"Annapiaia" sent in the Philadelphia Flyers Foul on the left, as a Simon Gagne fan transforms his sweater into a Tribute Jersey with what appears to be a coconut doughnut.

Meanwhile, reader Keg Bropez sent over the other Tribute Jersey, as this Flyers fan remembers legendary No. 10 John Leclair and Trent Klatt … who wore No. 20. Huh?

We're confused .. unless the anatomical placement of Klatt's name is intentional.

Jerseys aren't supposed to look like word search puzzles. This we know. So allow Courtney to explain what this Los Angeles Kings sweater is:

At first all the both of us could think was What the...? and then only catching glimpses of it though out the game we couldn't really figure out what the acronym was, so after the game I asked him what his jersey meant to which he replied, "It means I'm a Kings fan."

I thought I was missing something historically so he clarified; apparently the letters stand for his job and status in the US Navy, the backwards 3 is supposed to be an E like that on his sleeve representing his rank when he retired. I thanked him for his service. I'm calling this one a Foul, but wanted the expert opinion.

UPDATE: Reader John E. chimes in with a full explanation:

"HMCS" is the guy's rank and rate, meaning he was a Senior Chief and had the rate of Hospital Corpsman aka medics.

"FMF" is Fleet Marine Force, meaning he spent a lot of time being a medic for marines.

"USN" obviously United States Navy.

I think we can let this one slide, no?

Via Darcy Levicki, an image from an Edmonton Oilers/St. Louis Blues game. This is what we call a Combination Foul; in which either jersey could be considered a Foul on its own, but when combined are elevated to an upper echelon of FAIL.

In this case ... if you're like the guy on the left but you acted like the guy on the right, well, things could get messy.

Once in a while, we get to debunk an alleged Foul. This is one of those instances. From Jason DeLange:

So I attended the Ducks vs. Rangers game this past Wednesday against the Rangers and saw this after the game.  An old pre-Stanley cup winning Ducks jersey with Pronger on the back and the #10.  Last I checked Pronger never wore #10 nor the old purple and green Ducks jersey (since the Ducks changed their jerseys during the 06 season, before he was acquired from Edmonton).  But I would still rather have these ill informed Ducks fans show up to the Honda Center than another Vancouver Canucks fan!  Because at least they'll root for the Ducks.

Two words for you, sir: Sean. Pronger. Mighty Duck from 1995-1998, and proud wearer of No. 10.

Now, that doesn't explain why anyone would own a [expletive] Sean Pronger jersey, but still ...

Someone is not a Patrik Elias fan. Or at least not a fan of offensive players who get too cute with the puck.

You know, it's the use of proper punctuation that really conveys who much this New York Rangers fan thinks the New York Islanders and New Jersey Devils suck. New York Times copy editors would be so proud.

Oh, this is also an embarrassment of a Foul, in case that needed to be said. (Via Sir Scubington.)

Via reader Katie, this Los Angeles Kings Foul is either (a) a reference to his license plate or (b) some cutesy-ass attempt to turn "Cup Fever" into something that looks like a Slovak player name.

In either case, 4 out of 10 people are going to stop and wonder why he wants Kupfe for EVR. Because 4 out of 10 people are morons, according to a recent study we just invented.

Reader Scott Sage is unimpressed with this Tampa Bay Lightning Foul:

Saw this "Bolt Nation" jersey at the Lightning/Caps game last night. I am a Lightning season ticket holder and I have never heard of anyone refer to the team or its fans as "Bolt Nation".

If there's one thing we've learned in our travels it's that fans HATE when you refer to their fan base as "______ Nation" if that isn't what it's actually called. The Red Sox ruined it for everyone. Do you like when your fan base is called "____ Nation?"

Finally …

Simply one of the oddest, most baffling Fouls we've ever seen. From eBay (via Brad Lasater):

I know what you're thinking: "Sergei Federov never PLAYED for the USA". And you'd be right! I picked this jersey up in 1999, and held onto it for the novelty.  I got Mr Federov to autograph it at a signing after a Blue Jacket game, and here it is!  Nice replica USA jersey, bold autograph, and I'm willing to bet there is not another one of these IN THE WORLD!  Bid accordingly!!

Alas, it appears the auction ended without a sale.

But the seller is holding out hope that his Mike Eruzione Soviet Union jersey will do gangbusters.

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