Jersey Fouls: Behold the horror of Crosmieux; Devils protests; Tim Tebow

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Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

And/or "Sidrio," we guess.

Seriously, why? Why combine the eras, why combine the legends? And why isn’t there a dude next to him wearing a "Jagklin" sweater.

We’re not sure when Crosmieux was drafted, but we’ll go ahead and assume it was ether fixed and/or someone threw their season.

Frankly, we’re happy this jersey exists, if only because we want to believes there’s a Sears portrait photo of Mario and Sid wearing matching Crosmieux jerseys that hangs somewhere outside Crosby’s basement room in Lemieux Manor.

And here … we … go.

Reader Randy Ripper sends in this Foul from a PSU vs. UML college hockey game. It appears the nameplate might be coming off of this custom sweater, which we can only assume means the jersey is rejecting the Foul like a body would an infected organ.

Another combination Tribute Jersey, this one from the Columbus Blue Jackets, but Mark Ferguson has a problem with it:

"Seen at a Blue Jackets pre-season game. Even the numbers are in the wrong order since Cam Atkinson is 13 and Matt Calvert is 11."

Load this one into the cannon.

Emily McKenzie spotted this winner at an Ottawa Senators game, so we'll go ahead and assume this is some remnant from Daniel Alfredsson's days as a hockey deity there. It's horrifically ugly, and yet improves on the current Canadian Olympic jersey for Sochi.

New Jersey Devils Protest Jersey No. 1: Someone that turned his Brian Gionta jersey into a Stephen Gionta jersey. Man, who was hitting "refresh" on his Devils roster, red electrical tape in hand, hoping for a Stephen Gionta AHL callup a few years ago ...

New Jersey Devils Protest Jersey No. 2: Chris Rahn presents this David Clarkson Foul, that transforms a sweater into an Adam Larsson jersey, despite Larsson being No. 5. And having two S's in his name. So, yeah, total Fail.

Via reader Tom O’Connor, an entirely accurate but complete Foul from the Buffalo Sabres. Point deduction for lack of apostrophe.

Ugh. From Ross Erman:

Jersey Foul: #13 John Tortorella New York Giants Jersey

Not only does Torts coach for a different team now, but he has nothing to do with football OR being a player in general.

Plus, the Giants play in Jersey.

And finally, via the Tampa Bay Lightning:

Just [expletive] off. (Via Justin Gannon)

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