Jersey Fouls: Sidney MacKrosby; Nashville duds; Islanders hubris

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

Sidney Crosby is from Cole Harbour.

Nathan MacKinnon is from Cole Harbour.

This shirt is from the seventh level of Jersey Foul hell.

Ryan Neo snapped this at a Hockey Day in Canada lunch, and it’s a fabulous tribute to a national hockey genetic experimentation site masquerading as a quaint Nova Scotia town.

Especially when the alternative shirt looks like the most generic thing in the most generic gift shop in Nantucket.

As a NHL shirsy? Yeah, not so much. Couldn’t just make it MacCrosby, which at least would have made it a scintilla more palatable? Couldn’t make the second number into a ‘9’ so at least it’s one of their numbers?

If we throw this in Cole Harbour, will it sink? We’re willing to find out.

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Coming Up: Nashville Predators duds; New York Islanders’ hubris; Vancouver Canucks protest; and a terrible Gretzky jersey.

And here … we … go.

Via Astungurys at the New York Islanders’ game last night:

We saw this at Isles vs. Toronto on the 12th.  After years of watching a crap team, we finally have a respectable squad.  With hopes of going deep into the playoffs. So what does this guy do? It's like asking for something bad to happen. 

We’re willing to cut Islanders fans all the slack given the euphoria high they’re probably on. But, uh … what happens when they don’t win this June? Just keep swapping out the second number until we hit the 2020s?

Via Nate Vandermeer, it’s a Tyler Seguin FrankenJersey from his return to Boston. If your right hand takes an inappropriate selfie, the left one quickly deletes if before Lindy Ruff finds out.

Via Graham Perkins, it’s Ryan Kesler and Gary Bettman Protest Jerseys from a recent Vancouver Canucks game. The one on the left is one of the more Canadian polite edits of a now-hated former player’s jersey that we’ve seen.

‘Jawsh71’ on Twitter brings forth this Foul, which manages to cram a Larry The Cable Guy reference onto a Calgary Flames jersey with Guy Fieri hair.

Eric The Hawk noted this upside-down Carolina Hurricanes crest, which is something we’ve seen before and still can’t [expletive] believe doesn’t get noticed. As if you needed more reason to rank the swirly toilet bowl as the worst logo in the NHL.

Harrison Smith spotted this Pekka Rinne Tribute Jersey at a recent Nashville Predators game. OK, points for creativity. Still waiting for “Pekka The Litter.” Really don’t want to see another “Pekka Head.”

Sarcastic Mike, from a recent Chicago Blackhawks game:

The first is a pretty sweet Peter Venkman Ghostbusters novelty jersey which may or not be a foul.

Not a Foul. Ghostbusters hockey jerseys exist and they’re awesome. Add them to your collection of spores, molds, and fungus.

Grant, from a recent New Jersey Devils game. Pretty much the perfect reaction to Ilya Kovalchuk leaving and the existence of Michael Ryder.

From Dean Vendouris:

This was during the final(s) in 2012. It was at a game in LA.  She's wearing a New Jersey sweater, and has possibly created the worst jersey ever imagined.

We’ll go ahead and guess it’s her last name. Or perhaps her jersey was created by a child learning to read.

And finally …

Kevin From Nashville brings us two Predators Fouls:

Also, I'm attaching two submissions for jersey fouls. Both taken at Bridgestone, the Radu-no-love was sometime last year and the "Forsbergerat" was taken at a Flames game.

The Radulov one is a wound that will never heal, an anger that will never subside.

The Forsberg one … that sound you heard were hundreds of Washington Capitals fans openly weeping.