Jersey Fouls: Predicting Maple Leafs Cup win; Patrick Kane, Buffalo Sabre

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

This Toronto Maple Leafs fan is rather optimistic for a Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

As reader Kevin King writes:

The jersey reads "Stanley" on the name plate, and "1?" as the number.

Nothing says "I'm confident in the Maple Leafs" like a jersey giving them a rough 7-year window to win a cup.

This is actually a snap from earlier in the season, which means that it was purchased before the arrival of King Leaf Brendan Shanahan, who obviously will make this jersey’s bold prediction come to pass.

Uh, right?

(Coming Up: Patrick Kane Foul; Jets protest jersey; weirdness from Nashville; and a P.K. Subban chirp?)

And here … we … go

Via reader Bill Norris comes this NBA-to-NHL sweater.

You know, Kobe should be honored that he’s still relevant enough to be featured on the most successful team in Los Angeles’ jersey.

Reader Colin Lawlor writes: “Hmmm ... would this be considered a jersey foul? Or a clever improvement?”

Well, clever is a stretch, but we respect the effort here with this Protest Jersey. Although if Burmistrov ever does return from the KHL, we imagine there’s going to be a decision made here oh who are we kidding Trouba rules…

Reader Luc Maghielse presents this head-scratcher:

First I wanted to say that I'm a big fan of the blog and the MvsW podcast (keep up the great work). I'm a life long Red Wings fan and I've been on vacation in Nashville the past few days, I decided to check out the Predators/Islanders game and I stumbled across a few interesting jerseys. This was the only jersey I was able to get a picture of, I thought it was worthy of a jersey foul. Looking forward to the next post.

“Tis Confusion” and the No. 13? Anyone have any ideas here? A commentary on the inconstancies of Nick Spaling per chance?

Oh now what is this even … reader Joe Schiavone writes:

“Here is a jersey foul I spotted early Sunday morning in Chicago. The only thing that could possibly make this worse is if it was on their new third!”

Now, it’s one thing to support a native son, but c’mon Buffalo Sabres, this isn’t cool. You don’t see fans from other cities wearing your players’ names and numbers … well, until they’re inevitably traded there.

From reader Conor, another Patrick Kane Foul, although really any jersey from the fourth place medal effort was Foul.


Bill Goldthorpe is not down with this "Rocky" (1976) tribute for the Philadelphia Flyers:

Gents & Lambert,

Attached is a jersey foul which I find particularly offensive. As a non-native, but still proud Philadelphian, I would like to personally say [expletive] Rocky Balboa. He is a god damn fictional character. Philly is an awesome city, with a restaurant and bar scene which is better than NYC. The city will never gain the respect it deserves if it continues to pander to this mickey mouse B.S. (Devils fans are familiar with this concept). The back of this guys jersey mine as well say 'cheesesteaks' or better yet 'a-hole'.

Please agree with me on your ruling that this is indeed a jersey foul worthy of expulsion from Philadelphia.

Long live the WHA.

Thanks Bill, but I’m afraid we’re going to need a stronger take as your feelings on this jersey were a little difficult to glean.

From reader Brent Stowkowsky comes this inexplicable Paul Coffey Edmonton Oilers jersey. Caffeine addiction is a hell of a drug, apparently.

Finally …

Via Steve Slepchik on Twitter, here is what appears to be a P.K. “Slubban” jersey that likely celebrates the rougher edges of the Montreal Canadiens defenseman.

This is something someone that’s not exactly a fan of Subban might wear. But why would someone that doesn’t like Subban wear a Canadiens jersey? We don’t know. But they definitely also have this tattoo.