Jersey Fouls: Marty St. Louis backlash; most Canadian jersey ever

Marty St. Louis

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

When Martin St. Louis was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the New York Rangers – fulfilling what we now know was a years-long desire to play closer to his home in Connecticut – one wondered how the Tampa fans would react to their captain’s departure.

He is, after all, a franchise legend and a former MVP. He had given his career to turning the Lightning into winners.

On the other hand … he peaced-out at the trade deadline, right as Steven Stamkos returned, because Steve Yzerman had the nerve not to make him a first-teamer on Canada’s Olympic squad.

So how would they react?

With the Protest Jersey you see here, via Caleigh Baldwin. So, yeah, looks like there needs to be some healing before his number gets raised to the rafters. (It still will, right? Right?!).

Coming up, more Protest Jerseys, some unfortunate ‘69’ sweaters and the most Canadian jersey ever.

And here … we … go.

Via @Sabourin91 from the Winter Classic alumni game comes this common misspelling of a Sergei FedOrov jersey. Hey, at least it’s phonetically correct, right?

But the real question is where he purchased it? And by that we mean, is there a gear shop in the greater Detroit area that’s a little hazy on the spelling on Red Wings legends? Are they the source for all the Lindstrom and Eyezerman jerseys in circulation?

While many in the Western Conference would likely agree with this Nickname Jersey for Dustin Brown of the Los Angeles Kings, this unfortunately appears to be a case where someone used the captain’s sweater as a foundation for a sexual terminology joke.

And we’ll leave it up to you to discover that whimsy on its own, because (1) it’s unprintable here and (2) WARNING: YOU CAN’T UNSEE IT. Via @BTNemeth.

This New Jersey Devils protest paring is rather clever, via @Stevehague5. One guy has altered his Jamie Langenbrunner jersey into a Damien Brunner one. And the other has transformed his David Clarkson one into an Adam Larsson one. (We’ve had a variation of this before, but not with the ingenious math equation adding up to Larsson’s No. 5.)

Another protest one, and a little hard to see, so we pass the mic to David Simon:

“Saw this outside the Nassau Moseleum after the Isles Kings game. Yes that's an old traffic cone Yashin jersey with packing tape over the 9 and the name CARKNER scribbled on top over Yashin. Pretty sure it's the only Carkner jersey I'll ever see at the Coliseum short of someone in his family wearing one.”

Incidentally, they’re still paying for that Yashin jersey.

Um … what?

Er … whhaaaaaaat?

Via Cameron and Laura come this Oliver Ekman-Larsson Frankenjersey Army, combining his Phoenix Coyotes sweater with this Team Sweden sweater. Which is odd, because he only gets ice time while wearing one of them.

Speaking of Frankenjerseys …

This is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. From Erik Wood:

The second foul came from Saturday's tilt in Nashville between the Predators and the New York Rangers. As you can see, this is a Frankenjersey of the two teams in play that evening. As we all know, Frankenjerseys are always a foul. To make matters worse, the Predators jersey had no name plate, but the Rangers one was a MARK MESSIER jersey. This guy took half of a Messier jersey and turned it into an abomination. I'm no Rangers fan, but if I were, I'd probably hunt this guy down.

The words. We lack them.

Somehow, we can believe this classy Vancouver Canucks fan definitely eats cake and yet we’re surprised he has the opportunities to do so. Via Chris Rubio.

Meanwhile, we’d like to thank this Pittsburgh Penguins fan for getting to the point with a PERVERT 69 jersey. Via Stephanie Masood.

And finally …

We’ve had many clever Fouls. This one is next level. From Seth Dean:

Nameplate: "Canadian." Number: Upside-down 34 to make "Eh"

Brilliant, ya know?