Jersey Fouls: Fouling your family; attack of Blue Jackets; Breaking Bad sweater

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

As they say, the family that Fouls together stays together ...

This J-Foul from Xar Jhantial is a first for us: The Full Family Foul, in which everyone is not only in personalized sweaters but the personalization is personalized. Wowzer!

From Xar:

"This lovely family of Chicago fans was seen at a Las Vegas Wranglers (ECHL) home game in late December. Not pictured is the "C" that #2 proudly wears upon his breast."

Of course, the essential thing that has to happen is for the family to sit in the proper order. As it stands, the person on the end is getting milk at a hockey game, and she looks older than six.

By far, one of our most heartwarming Fouls and accurate too: "Duncan Keith" is actually Canadian for "Beer Me."

Coming Up: Blue Jackets fouls, a heavy metal Red Wings mash-up, "Breaking Bad" jersey and Minnesota goalie woes.

And here ... we... go.

Minnesota Wild fan Ryan Waldemarsen celebrating the carousel of goaltenders for his team this season with a converted Niklas Backstrom jersey.


Via Dan Hershberg, an odd Fowl, er, Foul:

Strange Thrashers jersey. At the Flyers-Habs game in Philly. Makes no sense to me. 16.7? Sandbagger? Thrashers in Philly for a Habs game? Thought you might have a place for it in the next Jersey fouls.

We'll go ahead and assume this is a golf reference, which naturally makes it a perfect Foul for the Atlanta Thrashers (RIP).

From reader Barbara Haller:

"A candidate for jersey fouls. This guys schtick is he just screams "You CHEAT!" Doesn't say which team, so we just thought Blue Jackets are cheaters... And a very positive thinking guy to boot!"

That's a heck of a gimmick right there. By why pick on poor Cam Atkinson?

Via Dustin Greiner comes this Protest Jersey Foul, in which the legacy of Rick Nash is sullied in a not-all-that-especially creative way. Oh sick burn, bro; how ever did you decide between this and your "NOT CARTER" and "NOT MASON" jerseys?

Via Shane Guilfoyle:

Spotted this at a Blue Jackets game. I asked the guy about it, and he seemed to know it was a foul. He got really quiet, then insisted it was a gift. It was like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Why yes, it is a gift: TO HUMANITY.

The "Breaking Bad" double feature of Walter White's alter-ego and the number he spelled out in bacon (a.k.a. his birthday).

This jersey? It IS the danger.

Sam Sammis saw this at Staples Center:

"I don't know if zombie land and Kyle Clifford have anything in common, or if this is just 100 percent foul. I'm going with the latter," he writes.

Only thing we can figure is that there are a bunch of numbered rules in "Zombieland" and maybe this covers one of them? Any guesses?

Via Kevin Newcombe, a jersey we tip our glass to (but then make sure we have a designated driver).

And finally ...


Via Wings fan Sara Dwyer, a glorious mash-up for Luke Glendening and Glenn Danzig. Total Nickname Jersey Foul, but again, respect given.