Jersey Fouls: Begun, the Buffalo Sabres Connor McDavid jerseys have

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us for inclusion in future installment.

When we went to Buffalo to report on the Sabres’ alleged “tanking” for the top pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, we learned more about what the fans expect out of this team. By and large, they’re cool if the Sabres are in the lottery next season, even if they hope the Islanders – whose first-rounder Buffalo owns – are significantly worse.

What the fans want: Connor McDavid, the coveted rookie star from the Erie Otters.

And clearly, some Buffalo Sabres fans are a little too excited about the prospects of getting him.

The jersey featured above (via Displaced Sabres Fans) is from a preseason game for the Sabres against the Carolina Hurricanes. On top of being a Hubris Foul, Brian Mazurowski notes that the real problem with this Connor McDavid '97' Buffalo Sabres sweater is that this fan didn’t go with the lower-case ‘C’.

It’s like Cody McCormick is a distant memory. Sigh.

This McDavid jersey was spotted on Thursday night at the All-American prospects game:


And here’s another look at the first one.

Just in case you didn’t quite grasp the levels of desperation and/or hopefulness in Buffalo, the first Sabres McDavid jersey popped up in April.

Hey, it’s cool. Even though there’s a draft lottery that’s now more heavily weighed against the worst teams in the NHL, we’re sure Connor McDavid to the Sabres is a sure thing.

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Just like this was, right?

Or this one?


Maybe get an Eichel away jersey to go with the McDavid home sweater, Buffalonians? Just sayin',