Jersey Fouls: Awkward Capitals coupling; Avalanche bling; license plate foul

Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at for inclusion in future installment.

This Foul comes from reader David and that glorious epicenter of Fouls known as the Washington Capitals fan base.

It’s pretty self explanatory: His head is painted red, so he’s the MAN IN RED and ironically the woman he’s with is also named RED and …

... hold on ...

… wait a second …


Coming Up: Gumby, license plate fouls, blinged out Avalanche, Brodeur gets snubbed, a VH-1 level Foul and much more. 

And here … we … go.

From Dan Gustafsson of 16 Wins:

“Letsundresse is not a #jerseyfoul right @wyshynski?"

Well, it’s a reasonable suggestion given the right context, but yes, turning Guillaume Latendresse’s name into a come-on is in fact a Foul.

From reader Michael J.:

I found this person at the Predators @ Lightning pre-season game in Tampa 9/19/13.  Note the taped over name on the back. 

We’re genuinely torn on this because, well, if you’re going to the game dressed as Gumby, you’ve already decided that the rules of societal arena decorum don’t apply to you. Thus, turning your Vinny Lecavalier sweater into a Claymation character focused Protest Foul isn’t all that heinous.

We look forward to next postseason when he or she brings along a friend dressed as Pokey in a St. Louis jersey.

Not a J-Foul, but a P-Foul, as in license plates. This is a new one for us, but reader Jason Walsh is on to something here:

Not quite a jersey foul, but I saw his and lost my mind.  To quote the internet meme: "when you see it you'll s**t bricks" 

As puck daddy represents the only aggregator of these sorts of things for people like me who care about these sorts of things, I submit this...

While we haven’t put the same years of training into evaluating License Plate Fouls – our Jersey Fouls training included several years at Oxford and then a few training with the League of Shadows – we can say that getting a Washington Capitals plate and putting “5ABRES” on it is … well, undeniably subversive and completely representative of what happens in the stands when Buffalo plays at Verizon Center, actually.

Via Brian Thomas.

OK, moving on …

From reader Taylor Raglin comes this Dallas Stars’ Kari Lehtonen Foul:

Hate to call out a member of my own team's fan base, but I'm not 100% sold on this "Karzilla" jersey.

Neither are we, and for good reason: It’s not an official nickname, and we’ve already had one Godzilla inspired goalie in the NHL.

Truth be told, we’re more interested in that Dallas Stars “GROOM” hat he’s rocking …

‘Tunallr’ brings us this VH-1 of Jersey Fouls:

“Found this one on my phone from the Roxette concert in Calgary last year.  To answer your question: Yes, it was an amazing show.  However I did notice this person.”

This is not a joyride.

We imagine when this gentlemen purchased this Flames jersey and placed the name of his favorite 1990s band on the back … well, it must have been love.

But it’s all over. FOUL…

Oh, now that’s just cruel. From Stuart Saint:

Evening chaps,

Just got back from the Canucks Devils match, which pre-game obviously focused on the netminding soap opera that neither actually gives a hoot about. Saw this during the first intermission though, and felt compelled to send it in.

I sat on a plane for 10 hours from England next to a screaming child on Saturday, but this made my blood boil. I'd rather have been subjected to a Derek Campbell-style assault than expose my eyes to this awful tape-job. I guess all the times that New Yorkers made poor jokes about the poverty in New Jersey ring true when this guy couldn't even be bothered to tape across the whole nameplate.

The man is a franchise legend people! Show some respect! (Unless he signs with the Flyers or Islanders…)

Finally …

Yes, it’s a bedazzled Colorado Avalanche Gabriel Landeskog jersey, via Ryan Boudling.

This was taken moments before Patrick Roy ripped off all the diamonds, stuffed them in his ears and told Jeremy Roenick he still couldn't hear him...

We’ve heard there’s someone at the arena that designs these, and let’s face it, they’re well done. In fact, is it even a Foul to bling-out your sweater’s name, number and logo? To make your team’s star literally shine?

We see no reason why this shouldn’t be the official uniform of the Avalanche next season. MacKinnon and Duchene alone are flashy enough to warrant them.