Jeremy Roenick walks off NHL Overtime after Keith Jones speaks French (Video)

On NBC Sports Network’s “NHL Overtime” following Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, a clip of Michel Therrien’s press conference was shown; alas, the Montreal Canadiens coach was speaking in French. 

Never fear, Keith Jones is here! The NBC hockey analyst translated Therrien’s praise for goaltender Dustin Tokarski’s play.

This bilingual performance by Jones was apparently too much for Jeremy Roenick to handle, and he reacted in what would be a bizarre way were it not Jeremy Roenick doing the reacting.

Yes, that's JR walking off set during a live hit, leaving Jones a little dumbfounded and giving Liam McHugh ample time to crack a joke about his white pants.

(In fairness, we always assumed Roenick was wearing Margaritaville board shorts behind that desk, so white pants were a nice surprise.)

Sheesh … not even Mike Milbury could chase Roenick away in the past.

We’ll assume this was some level of Roenickian humor that went above our heads so late after the Canadiens’ overtime win. Or, perhaps, he was briefly concerned that Jones was speaking in tongues and hence possessed by a demon.

Whatever the case was, we’ll just go with the Jen LC theory:

Easy folks, Roenick didn't leave because of Jonesy's French, he just had to oui oui

— Jen LC (@RegressedPDO) May 23, 2014

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