Can Jeremy Roenick save the Phoenix Coyotes?

Jeremy Roenick is known for many things. Here are two of them: Extemporaneous musings that make him a national hockey media treasure, and boundless enthusiasm.

These elements of JR were on display during the "Calling All Sports With Roc And Manuch" show on The FAN 1060 in Phoenix on Thursday, as Roenick prepares to enter the Phoenix Coyotes Ring of Honor this weekend. For example, his thoughts on a possible Shane Doan trade:

"That would be really disappointing to me. When I think of the Phoenix Coyotes, I think of Shane Doan."

Also, Roenick thinks it's imperative to the team's future that the Coyotes trade for a star offensive player:

"To make the team more appealing [to buy], sometimes you have to bite the bullet. I know the NHL doesn't want to maintain control of the Coyotes, but I think the Coyotes are doing a good job in making sure their product stays good. Bringing fans into that building is always going to be the issue, but if you bring excitement in there and exciting players and make the playoffs, they're going to come in droves. You have to make it appealing for a buyer to come in and snatch this team up."

Ah, yes, but who would actually buy the Coyotes?

Jeremy Roenick would like to, actually.

Here's Roenick, when asked why this local former NHL star hadn't gotten into trying to save the team by purchasing it:

"I have been involved with a group that is trying to get into the game. I do have people in New York, friends of mine, that are ready and willing to wait to see. But everything moves at a snail's pace.

"I have been involved in the background. I do have people that are willing to look at it and have the dough behind it. But getting involved in the National Hockey League … it's kind of a boys club.

"We'll see what happens. But the team is very, very interesting. If you can somehow get a hold of the building along with the team, then it becomes a different scenario."

Roc, one of the hosts of the show, later confirmed that Roenick isn't a part of the Greg Jamison group that's trying to purchase the franchise. The Arizona Republic, however, offered this take:

Retired center Jeremy "J.R." Roenick said he was approached weeks ago by ex-San Jose Sharks Chief Executive Officer Greg Jamison, who has expressed interest in the team. Roenick has since asked business associates if they would also be interested.

Roenick, a Scottsdale resident, said he aims for deal that includes the struggling Westgate City Center, which developers built a decade ago in hopes of drawing crowds with sports, shopping and entertainment.

Roenick said he could not place a time frame on a potential deal. Glendale, which owns the arena where the team plays, and the NHL have not gone public with any deadlines.

Maybe Roenick's the mysterious "third buyer" Bettman referenced last month. Oh, the intrigue!

So Roenick wants to own the Coyotes. Who won't own the Coyotes: The fans, as a local politician found out when he suggested the Coyotes follow the Green Bay Packers' model for public ownership. From the Arizona Republic:

Stew Radawec, who plans to run for Glendale City Council in the Cactus District, proffered the idea as worth exploring as he opposes any more city money going to the National Hockey League.

The concept has been raised numerous times among Coyotes fans since the ownership woes began in 2009.

That public ownership adds to the Packers appeal, but the National Football League has since prohibited such public ownership of its franchises.

Glendale and NHL officials say the non-profit, public ownership model isn't a possibility in Glendale either. National Hockey League bylaws also prohibit such an arrangement, said Bill Daly, the league's deputy commissioner.

And who wouldn't want to elect someone completely oblivious to the rules that govern local businesses …

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