Jeremy Roenick: Penguins ‘untouchable’ from critics; ‘They’re going to whine, they’re going to revolt against you’

NBC Sports Network commentator Jeremy Roenick joined the Marek Vs. Wyshynski podcast on Tuesday for a lively discussion about the Stanley Cup Playoffs and NHL television coverage.

Then things got really lively, as JR spoke about the recent apology by Mike Milbury and fines to Philadelphia Flyers Coach Peter Laviolette and New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella for their criticism of Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Here's Roenick:

For the video impaired, a snip:

"Pittsburgh's untouchable. Let's get that straight. If you say something bad about them, they're going to complain, they're going to whine, they're going to revolt against you. The fans are going to bitch-slap you all over Twitter. They're gonna attack you. God help anybody if you're gonna say anything negative about the Pittsburgh Penguins. They're like the almighty.

"They're a phenomenal team. I love watching their team. I love watching Malkin and Crosby and all them. But you can't say anything bad about them and not get backlash, complaining from those camps. I wish they'd just go and play and we can all have fun watching them. They have the best chance to win the Cup.

"I wouldn't have apologized. I don't know if I would have said exactly what Mike Milbury said, but he did and he had to apologize. I don't know if I could, if I believed it. That's just me. But Mike does things his way.

"I don't understand why John Tortorella [got] fined. That's his opinion. I can't stand in the National Hockey League how they can just throw fines when they want when they don't like when something is said. I thought it was freedom of speech in the United State. You can say what you want. And I think the players should be able to speak their minds, too. It's too much of a dictatorship from that aspect, where the National Hockey League tries to control too much."

Listen to the full interview here (about 30 minutes in) on #MvsW.

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