Jeopardy tip: ‘Lemieux’ is never the answer to a soccer question (Video)

When it comes to trivia, sports questions are my jam. That said, I'll acknowledge that they're not everyone's jam and every question that jams me up is likely someone else's jam.

But man, even for those that don't know sports, this was an easy Final Jeopardy question. You don't need to know much about soccer to know that the answer is pretty much always Pele. And it's never "Lemieux". Never ever.

Here's the question: "In 2002, his no. 10 jersey from the 1970 World Cup Finals sold at auction for a record $220,850." And here's how it went down for poor Christen Lee, who may have misread 'World Cup' as 'Stanley Cup' and guessed the only hockey name that came to mind. Via Guyism:

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Again (and for the video impaired), she answered: "Lemieux."

But here's the real question: did she mean Mario or Claude? I mean, neither ever wore no. 10, and neither played in the World Cup Finals in 1970, but still. I must know. I mean, reason would dictate that she meant Mario, but the correct answer was Pele, so reason doesn't quite apply here.

s/t to Wayne for the tip.

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