Jay Feaster trolls Oilers on Twitter, wins Battle of Alberta

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Greg Wyshynski
Via Dave Lozo
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The Edmonton Oilers lost – again – on Wednesday night to the Winnipeg Jets, which prompted some interesting reactions from executives. 

Oilers GM Craig MacTavish looked up like he saw a meteor crashing down on the team (or, perhaps, a metaphor).

Former Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster, on the other hand … well, reacted differently:

YEHHHH BABY!!! You can put it in the LOSS column, #Oilers! Entire time I was in Calgary all I heard was how far ahead they were of #Flames

— Jay Feaster (@therealjfeaster) December 4, 2014

Try not to get your shoes messy while kicking dirt on’em Jay …

Seeing as how this isn’t something you usually see from NHL executives – Feaster is no longer with the Flames, but is working for the Tampa Bay Lightning – he clarified his comments to ESPN.com:

"All I have to do is tweet something about the Oilers and I get 100-plus new followers overnight," Feaster chuckled to ESPN.com Thursday morning.

"I was just having some fun," he added. "It's my personal twitter account and I was just having fun. I was there four years in Calgary but it did not take me four days to get tuned into the Battle of Alberta. Obviously, people get very wound up and upset about things. But it wasn't done in a hurtful or spiteful way. I'm just having some fun with it."

"I'm not a GM anymore, it's my own personal views and personal twitter account," said Feaster. "I tweet about all kinds of things, including the Christmas cookies that my daughter baked last night."

For the record: Feaster’s daughter’s cookies currently have the same Stanley Cup wagering odds as the Edmonton Oilers. 

This isn't the first time someone Flames-related had a go at the Oilers on social media. Please recall Calgary's official feed tweeting, and then apologizing for, calling a $10-million contract for Ales Hemsky "a joke."