Jaromir Jagr blackmailed with scandalous model selfie, doesn’t care: Report


At this point in his life, 43-year-old Jaromir Jagr isn’t just marching to his own drummer, but basically his own drum corps. He’ll play as long as he wants. He play wherever he feels like it (i.e. places with a lack of personal income tax). He’s Jaromir Friggin’ Jagr, and you’re not.

So maybe you think you’re going to, say, blackmail Jagr with a scandalous selfie featuring him in bed with an 18-year-old model who happens to be dating a Czech junior player. Well, think again: You’re going to be about as successful as that Wayne Enterprises dweeb who tried to blackmail Bruce Wayne in “The Dark Knight.” In the words of Morgan Freeman: “Good luck.”

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According to Blesk, a Czech tabloid, a model named Catherine from Moravia took a selfie in bed as Jagr slept next to her. The image had been making the rounds on Czech social media. Someone came across the photo, and had the bright idea to attempt to extort 50,000 crowns (or roughly $2,000 U.S.) from Jagr or else the photo would be released to the media.

So the photo was shopped to the media, and on Sept. 17 published the altered photo that the blackmailer had been using as “proof” that they had the image, presumably the one presented to Jagr.

Alas, there was one catch for this criminal mastermind:

Jagr. Doesn’t Care.

He literally told the blackmailer to do whatever he wanted with the photo. And so it hit the Czech media, and it was published in several European publications, and Jagr just keeps on Jagr'ing.

It should be said that while Jagr is reportedly single, Catherine is reportedly not. According to several reports, she’s the girlfriend of Czech junior player Domink Rudl, who was born in 1996, by which time Jagr had already won two Stanley Cups and a scoring title. He also reportedly calls Jagr one of his idols, just in case this entire thing wasn't awkward enough.

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