Jarome Iginla’s Calgary house listed at $3.9 million; let’s creep around in it

If you're a diehard Jarome Iginla fan living in Calgary, the sort of fan that collects all the Iginla memorabilia he can get his hands on, well, boy oh boy have I got a treat for you: Iggy's house is up for sale.

The house boasts 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, so if you're a married father of three and everyone in your house wakes up to go to the bathroom at the same time, no one will have to wait.

Talk about the ultimate piece in your Iginla keepsakes collection. I'll bet you can even get him to autograph a wall. All it will cost you is somewhere in the ballpark of $3.9 million.

If you're wondering whether the long-time Calgary Flame thinks he might be returning this summer to the club he spent two decades with, I'd say that this suggests not. Sorry, Calgary. It looks like he's gone.

But let's not dwell on things sad and weirds things we can't change. Let's creep around his house!

Here's the view from Iginla's bedroom.

I guess it's all right, if you like glittering skylines and a hint of sweeping majesty.

Here's the amazing wine cellar:

But honestly, once you've spent nearly $4 million on a house, there isn't much left to stock up on wine.

Iginla's kitchen looks amazing: look at all that counter space!

But more counter space just means that you have more area to clean up when you spill flour, if you ask me.

Let's go upstairs, shall we? Here's Iginla's bedroom:

What an incredible thoughtful window staring place. It's a wonder Iginla isn't a supervillain.

And here's the downstairs media room:

If, like me, you're always struggling with where to put your obscenely long couch, this is the room for you.

Anyone want to go in on this with me? I'm willing to pitch in about $10,000.