Jagr, Mario and Gordie? Create your ultimate dream hockey squad

Listening to Toronto's FAN590 this week inspired me to write this post. On the show Hockey Central with host Doug Farraway, he brought up a contest the station was doing about naming your dream hockey squad. Consisting of four forward lines, three defensive pairings and two goaltenders, this dream team could be made up from any players from any era.

Want to go old school and kick it with the likes of Howie Morenz, Newsy Lalonde, and Cyclone Taylor? Go for it. Rather keep it recent and fill it with kids like Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and Jonathan Toews? So be it.

After spending all morning in the office pouring over statistics, players and eras thanks to our good friends at Hockey Reference, I created my all-time dream team. Here goes it ...

First Line: Jaromir Jagr-Mario Lemieux-Gordie Howe

Le Manifique surrounded by Jagr who can create with the best of them and Howe who will crash the net and throw an elbow at the goalie. I just had to put JJ and Lemieux on the same line together because I miss watching them play together so much. The only time in his career when he was truly happy was when Jagr was dishing pucks to Mario.

Second Line: Bobby Hull-Wayne Gretzky-Brett Hull

Father and son surrounding by the Great One. I think that's from a Brothers Grimm book. Can you imagine the amount of goals that would have spawned from Gretzky setting up The Golden Brett for his famous one-timer?

Third Line: Ted Lindsay-Peter Stastny-Maurice Richard

Toughness, magic, and quickness, that's what this line brings. Lindsay forced the NHL to create kneeing and elbowing penalties. Stastny broke the Eastern bloc. Richard ... well, he caused a riot after nailing a linesman. This line brings major "chutspa" to the table.

Fourth Line: Kevin Stevens-Bryan Trottier-Bernie Geoffrion

Kevin Stevens is my boy. The man wasn't scared of anything. Trotts is one of the purest goal scorers to ever play the game. Boom Boom is credited with popularizing the slap shot. There may not be a lot of pretty goals created by this line, but the puck will find its way to the back of the net sure enough.

First Defensive Pair: Bobby Orr-Nicklas Lidstrom

You've got a guy in Orr who can skate around anybody and the Red Wings captain who's as smooth as silk. Nothing fazes Lidstrom and he's very calm with the puck. Both are also great leaders on the blue line.

Second Defensive Pair: Al MacInnis-Paul Coffey

I wouldn't even want to imagine the hell they'd raise on the power-play. Coffey's skating ability could probably leave MacInnis wide open for some pretty powerful one-times from the point.

Third Defensive Pair: Tim Horton-Doug Harvey

A seven-time Norris Trophy winner in Harvey and a guy who puts out some good donuts. This is an old school pairing of grit, strength and toughness. Horton's also a good guy to have on any team to protect everyone with his famous bear hug.

Starting Goaltender: Patrick Roy

What more needs to be said about St. Patrick? A four-time Stanley Cup winner, he's on the short list of many fans when choosing a goaltender to start a Game 7 for them. A three-time Conn Smythe and Vezina Trophy winner, Roy was anointed to sainthood after leading the Canadiens to the Cup in his rookie year.

Backup Goaltender: Jacques Plante

The first man to don a mask, Plante is also the godfather of goaltenders who are known to play the puck outside the crease. He could be the perfect backup to come and win a game as he also won six Stanley Cups.

Now, it's your turn. Who would you want in your dream lineup? Remember, you can only select 18 skaters (12 forwards, 6 defensemen) and two goaltenders. Try and keep the forward players you select in their position, like left-wing, right-wing. For defensemen, it doesn't matter if they play the left or right side.

Good luck and it'll be fun to see who everyone chooses.

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