Jack Edwards in midseason form during Milan Lucic-Joel Rechlicz fight (Video)

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Love him or hate him, NESN's Jack Edwards at least provides some entertainment value when you're watching a Boston Bruins game. Sure, he's said some very stupid things in the past, but you know what you're getting with him: an unabashed Bruins homer, who's spawned a B-I-N-G-O game and can spice up a broadcast in an instant.

Take for example Monday night's game between the Bruins and Washington Capitals when Milan Lucic and Joel Rechlicz dropped the gloves late in the first period:

Jack's highlights:

"Oh, he's a speedbag!"

"Rechlicz being reckless with his face!"

"He's assaulting Lucic's knuckles with his nose!"

"Rechlicz is the Chuck Wepner (the "Bayonne Bleeder") of the NHL!"

Edwards apparently didn't remember Rechlicz during those three games in his NHL career that he faced off against the Bruins before Monday night, especially when his combined ice time was about 10 minutes.

It is good to see Edwards is already in midseason form with a week before things kicks off. We're looking forward to which old U.S. war he'll reference at some point this year.

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