J.S. Giguere retires; CHL extinction possible; Hockey Wars: Blogosphere vs. MSM (Puck Headlines)

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Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media.

• In honor of The Simpsons marathon on FXX, Battle of California's Blogger Emeritus, Earl Sleek, is re-publishing his best Simpson and hockey inspired Sleektoons on Twitter using the hashtag #EverySimpsonsGagEver. Here's a sample depicting Burns joining the Sharks.

We knew it was coming, and now it is official: Jean-Sebastien Giguere is retiring after 16 seasons. (I wouldn't be surprised to see Jiggy's sweater lifted to the rafters in Anaheim during the 2015-16 season.) [Avalanche]

The title of the article is very misleading. Bertuzzi 'speaking' about his case is basically him saying 'I'm still not going to talk about it'. [Detroit Free Press]

• The Leafs and Islanders are finally in the news for good reasons! Toronto took a leap by hiring wunderkind Kyle Dubas. The Isles are moving to Brooklyn and are soon-to-have a new owner. [Grantland]

• Leave it to the OHL to crackdown on fights and dirty hits in a way the NHL wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole. [Buzzing the Net]

• As teams continue to fold, the CHL could be going the way of the XFL. It's highly unlikely the league is going to merge with the ECHL, and that's just silly. CHL teams that fold can stay dormant for a year and then restructure and join the ECHL What a cluster... [FOHS Farm Report]

Evander Kane is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum. He wants to go to the playoffs (duh). But he doesn't seem to realize how much his attitude and how he conducts himself - on and off the ice - impact his team's chances of making it to the big stage. The potential is there; his maturity just needs to catch up. [The Score]

New super-rich guy Brooks Orpik (figuratively) farts in the general direction of the critics who say he's overpaid. [Washington Post]

Like Mr. Orpik, Clarke MacArthur just got paid. Now he wants to convince his Senators teammate and new BFF Bobby Ryan to stick around for a while, too. Ryan's contract is up at the end of this season. Someone cue the 'trade Bobby Ryan' rumors just for s---- and gigs. [Ottawa Citizen]

• Oh darn, Raffi Torres is going to miss a large chunk of time for the Sharks due to an infection in his surgically repaired knee. Karma, anyone? [Fear the Fin]

Alexander Burmistrov fled the NHL and signed a two-year contract with the KHL back home. One year is up and he's playing out the second year now. He just might make a return to North America, but he's not exactly thrilled to join the Jets, the team that owns his rights. [Jets Nation]

• At the beginning of every season there are tons of reports of Player X being in 'the best shape of his life'. Justin Bourne has been there and knows how to weed out the fit from the fluffy. [Bourne]

We know how lethal the Oilers offense can/could/should/would be. The defense is a work in progress with a lot of possibilities in hopper. [Lowetide]

• The Sedin twins have a new forward - Radim Vrbata. Based on his past play, how well is he going to fit in with the Swedes? [Death, Taxes and Jagr]

Vinny Lecavalier might have the best gig in hockey. He's paid to not play for Lightning, and now there's rumblings he could be paid to not play for the Flyers. He'd be the first player with a double buyout. [The Hockey Writers]

If you love the Doug Loves Movies podcast, then you'll thoroughly enjoy the Reel Sports Podcast on hockey related movies. First up: Youngblood! [The Royal Half]

• Fancy stats time! Looking at the Islanders defense for the upcoming season and the importance of having puck moving defensemen. The outlook is, well, interesting. [Isles Nation]

• More fun with fancy-pants numbers! Everything you could ever hope to learn about the Devils passing last season. [In Lou We Trust]

• Tyler Seguin says hockey analytics are the way of the future. Ohhh, well if he says so, it must be correct. [Toronto Sun]

• Do not fear advanced stats. The word 'advanced' is the scariest part about them. [Brooks Laichyear]

• If you are Sergei Gonchar, are in any way related to Sergei Gonchar, and/or are a fan of Sergei Gonchar, this article is probably not for you. [Defending Big D]

• Fantasy cage match: Matt Read vs. Colin Wilson. Both have similar fantasy value, so which one should you take in your draft? [Dobber Hockey]

• Brian Gionta is the most recent addition to the list of former-Canadiens captains. How was his time in office? [Habs World]

• Calgary has promoted Jordan Sigalet from goalie coach of their AHL affiliate in Abbotsford to the same position with the Flames. [Flames Nation]

Finally, Steve Dangle discusses (with himself) the Hockey Wars: Blogosphere vs. MSM. It's really funny. I'm getting a t-shirt made that says 'Bloggers Be Gettin' Paid'. [NHL Numbers]


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