This isn't a tournament of logos; it's an Ultimate Logo Tournament

The Hockey News gets into the spirit of summer fun with the Ultimate Logo Tournament, a rather ambitious project in which they "will first lay out our rankings of every notable league in North America" before turning it into a reader vote-generated tournament. Sounds like a blast and it certainly will be, if only because it was so much fun when Icethetics (a.k.a. Tournament of Logos) did something like it first.

Anyhoo, THN's NHL logos ranking is out, with the Chicago Blackhawks at No. 1 (is there anything they aren't winning these days?) and the Anaheim Ducks ("It's barely a logo; more like a font") dead-ass last. Looking at the list, three quick thoughts:

1. The Nashville Predators, god bless'em, have one of the single most generic logos in the NHL and should never crack the Top 15 in any ranking. It's a minor league football logo. Outside of Phoenix (equally problematic), there isn't a logo ranked about the Predators you can't say isn't iconic.

2. Four logos from the Southeast Division were in the bottom 10. Ouch. But kudos to THN for having the gall to point out that the Carolina Hurricanes logo "looked like a toilet flushing." Never thought of that before.

3. I'm not sure how this plays with our friends in Denver, but isn't it time for a total uniform/logo revamp for the Colorado Avalanche? Take a look at the THN list and tell me that logo doesn't look like a popular brand from 20 years ago you see on the supermarket shelves and wonder, "They still make that?"

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