Islanders’ Grabner suspended two games for headshot on Nathan Gerbe, because you can’t do that

One has to wonder if the Department of Player Safety was a little relieved when Michael Grabner's head hit on Nathan Gerbe of the Carolina Hurricanes came to their attention. After all, their last few suspensions (Lapierre, Kronwall) have been difficult cases with a lot of moving parts -- stretchers, late movement by the victim, a wide berth of games that could potentially trigger appeal eligibility.

These were incidents that had to be managed with care and precision.

Grabner's hit, on the other hand, was pretty easy. The DOPS announced Monday that the New York Islanders winger had been suspended two games, and the accompanying video, arguably the simplest one they've ever made, tells me they didn't have to work to hard to come to a conclusion on this one.

"This is not a full body check. The head is the main point of contact. And such contact is avoidable."

That's it. That's literally all Shanahan has to say about this hit, and when you consider the argument the DOPS put together on the previous two suspensions, it's actually pretty hilarious, I mean, he finished up with his usual stuff about how there was no injury and Grabner has no history and stuff, but really, it's Shawn Horcoff and a prematurely live mic away from being "You can't do that."

You can't do that, Grabner.

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Harrison Mooney

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