Islanders goalie prospect Mikko Koskinen gets his Billy Smith on against crease crasher (VIDEO)

Mikko Koskinen only played four games with the New York Islanders last season, but one of them was infamous: He was the goaltender in that brawl-filled game against the Pittsburgh Penguins that resulted in 346 penalty minutes and one strongly worded letter from Mario Lemieux.

Koskinen wasn't involved in the fights — Pens goalie Brent Johnson fought Micheal Haley instead — but that doesn't mean he isn't a feisty netminder when he needs to be. Here's the 23-year-old playing for KalPa in the SM-liiga playoffs, refusing to take any funny business from crease-crashing Tommi Huhtala of the Blues.

As Kevin Schultz of Islanders Point Blank put it: "I believe he is channeling his inner Garth Snow/Billy Smith."

Both players received one-game suspensions for their actions, which is a shame: Mikko Koskinen should have been given a special dispensation for using both the blocker kabong and the blocker judo chop in his arsenal of fight moves. Hextall would be proud.

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