Islanders fans throw beer at Denis Potvin, Panthers announcer (Video)

Continuing our Spring of Fan Projectiles, a.k.a. the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Florida Panthers announcers table was splashed with either soda or beer after their team’s Game 4 win over the New York Islanders at Barclays Center on Wednesday night.

“Some moron Islander fan just threw some beer or soda down on us. Very classy … but that’s OK!” said play-by-play man Steve Goldstein of Fox Sports Florida.

But here’s the thing: Goldstein has a broadcasting partner, and he was splashed too. Man … what is that guy’s name? Used to be a defenseman in the NHL. May or may not be in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Collected a few Stanley Cup rings, perhaps consecutively.

Geez, we’re stumped. Oh, wait, we just pulled it after looking up at the banners hanging above the Islanders’ ice:


Yes, Denis Potvin, Islanders legend and target of Rangers fans’ mockery, is the color analyst for the Panthers. And thus was the target of a beer thrown by an Islanders fan last night.

Granted, it’s entirely possible that the Islanders fan who threw a beer at Denis Potvin didn’t realize that Denis Potvin was one of the Panthers’ announcers. But, in the end, that really buries the lede, which is that AN ISLANDERS FAN THREW A BEER AT DENIS POTVIN.

Man, this would have never happened in Nassau…


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