Islanders fan retires Matt Moulson’s number in his bedroom (Video)

Matt Moulson was a fan favorite for the New York Islanders for many reasons.

There was his AHL-to-30-goal-scorer journey. He was a gentlemanly player on the ice and a cool dude off the ice, as he interacted with fans through social media. While Thomas Vanek, acquired from the Buffalo Sabres, is an elite talent, there’s no question that Moulson’s a player many Islanders fans hated to see leave (for now, at least).

Vanek is wearing Moulson’s No. 26 with the Islanders, but one fan decided to take that sweater number out of circulation – at least in their bedroom.

Here’s one of the best fan tributes for a traded player we’ve seen, perfect in its sentiment, from YouTuber Kenneth Reischmann from Medford, Long Island:

Yes, raise that jersey number to the rafters! Or, alternatively, raise that shirsy number to the ceiling using an intricate systems of pulleys and hangers! All while blaring the Islanders' goal song.

(Meanwhile, Patrick Flatley stands outside of that fan’s window, silently weeping.)

Said Resichmann: "Being a 20-year-old Islanders fan, there hasn't always been that much to cheer for… except the draft lottery. Matt Moulson made me cheer and root for a guy who deserved every opportunity he got with the Isles and every opportunity he'll get moving forward. He's no longer Matt Coulson, Vancouver! He is gone but he will never be forgotten. Let's go Islanders ..."

Matt Moulson might not have done enough as an Islander to join the ranks of Bossy, Trottier and Potvin in the rafters on Long Island. But clearly, he touched the fans enough for them to retire their wardrobe in his honor.

s/t Lighthouse Hockey