Islanders drop new goal horn, CEO blasts fans for ‘attacking’ team

Islanders drop new goal horn, CEO blasts fans for ‘attacking’ team

The New York Islanders debut in Brooklyn this season, and they’re bringing along some comforts from the Nassau Coliseum. The old organ. The old organist. The PA announcer. A group of legendary players that will act as team ambassadors.

Something that wasn’t going to relocate with them? The deafening goal horn. Barclays Center debuted a new horn during the preseason, inspired by the sound of a subway train’s horn.

At best, it was a misguided tribute to the fact that the Islanders’ new arena is more accessible by mass transit.

At worst, it sounded like a mosquito blowing into a party favor.

Islanders fans were … not pleased. Like, at all. As in, there was a petition to get it changed back.

“I think we’ve been very sensitive to the traditions of Islanders hockey,” said CEO Brett Yormark via The Michael Kay Show on Thursday. “At the same time, we must broaden the fan base. We must reach out to Brooklynites and areas around Brooklyn to make this move viable.”

And as you know, there’s nothing New Yorkers like to hear more than the squealing horn of an oncoming subway train vibrating inside their ears.

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“How do we do something that’s authentic to Brooklyn? Authentic to the subway? Authentic to bringing the team to an urban market?” asked Yormark.

Well, the answer sure wasn’t “change the goal horn,” because Yormark announced that the team will have its old Nassau horn back for opening night next Friday and throughout the season.

Hooray! The Islanders fans won!

Well, not really, said Yormark.

“I’m not acquiescing to the Islanders fans, I’m doing the right thing,” he said.

The CEO of both the Islanders and Barclays Center let it be known that he didn’t appreciate the fan outrage that totally drove the team to change the goal horn had little influence on his decision.

“Personally, I don’t respect the way they approached it. The Islanders fans. How they attacked our Twitter handle, the vocabulary they used to reference me and the organization. I don’t appreciate it,” he said to Kay.

And before you go off and send another snarky tweet, let it be know that the Islanders are watching you like a drone hovering over Kabul.

“We audit all the social media chatter of the people that commented. There was even a petition that was done by 650 fans, and only 30 were season-ticket holders,” he said.

“It’s great to comment about what we’re doing, and be critical of it. But I would ask all those people who signed the petition: Now that you got your goal horn, sign up and buy season tickets.”

The full interview is here. Please listen to it, because Brett Yormark will know if you didn’t.