Is the NHL going chrome for 2015 All-Star Game jerseys?

Look, at this point, we’re used to being let down when NHL teams reveal new jerseys. From the influx of black to weird piping, our favorite hockey teams really know how to disappoint us. (Same goes for whenever Nike gets involved with international jerseys, as we saw in Sochi.)

NHL All-Star jerseys have been more miss than hit since the birth of the Eastern and Western Conferences. The old black, orange and white jerseys worn by the Wales and Campbell Conferences are long gone; and judging by what might be in store for the 2015 All-Star Game in Columbus, we could be seeing things take a futuristic turn.

Last month, Icethetics got their hands on a Reebok Spring 2015 catalog that showed All-Star Game apparel featuring "electric green." The other notable thing found was the chrome-like appearance of the logo.

This week, Icethetics was anonymously sent a photo of said logo on what might be a practice jersey, and it’s quite chrome-y.


Would you be surprised if Monster energy drink turned out to be the title sponsor of the game?

The All-Star Game is a good opportunity for the NHL and the host city to show off a bold design. If this color scheme is actually what we’ll see in Columbus in late-January, it will certainly be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the game before. The Stadium Series jerseys were one thing. These would be much more unique.

Maybe they can dim the lights at Nationwide and turn on the blacklights instead. That would really be a scene.

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